Amateur CBT

Amateur CBT is becoming more and more popular with every new day. No wonder considering how effective cock and balls domination is. This is probably one of the top rated and most painful hardcore BDSM relationships and methods between a dominant female and a male slave. The purpose of this CBT ballbusting article is to show you how easily a proper brutal CBT can be done with just a help of a strong rope. And rope is easy to find, isn’t it? The only thing standing in front of some serious agony and suffering is a Mistress’s will to do it. Unfortunately for a ball busting slave, blonde amateur femdom Goddess Helena Locke is restless to start checking slave’s limits.

While looking at the amateur couple femdom CBT photos, one question is constantly coming on my mind. What will happen to a guy that will marry this girl? What will happen to his life once she became his femdom wife? I will be free to predict constant abusing and a miserable life full of extreme CBT situations.

Anyway,  homemade amateur CBT pics are actually vidcaps from the hardcore BDSM video but still, they are made in a really high quality. You can literally see the slave suffering while Mistress is executing extreme ball torture. What I’ve liked most is the speed. Even if it is clear that she enjoys inflicting pain, Dominatrix is pretty slow and thorough. First, she explained how what ball torture is and how she will do it. This is a great method because the slave is terrified even before she begins with torturing her restrained male. She is doing that while slowly pulling out his genitals with a tightrope fixed around his dick. The next thing CBT amateur Mistress is doing is a brutal genital whipping. Slave has to be on his knees while she is whipping him brutally with a leather whip all over slave’s cock and balls. 

it didn’t take long before he couldn’t stand amateur CBT femdom anymore so he ended on the floor. And we all know how vulnerable person is in that position. Clearly, the slave is not up to the BDSM femdom task and can’t meet her expectations. But the smart girl will get most of every possible situation so Goddess decided to feed him with her already sweaty feet. You don’t need to be an expert in female foot sniffing to feel how tired and stinky they are. Perfect, because massaging feet with tongue always give maximum pleasure to a woman. As you will see on the balls scratching photo below, Goddess knows how to motivate him to suck ie better when his performance drop.

Amateur CBT photos

amateur CBT

Mistress explaining to a slave what is about to happen while slowly starting to pull his genitals.

Brutal CBT whipping

The first thing is cock whipping until he falls down to the ground

Forced foot fetish domination

Now you know why Mistress wanted him down. Forced foot worship and stinky toes cleaning are the unavoidable part of this session.

balls scratching

Have you ever wondered why women love to have long and sharp nails?

Brutal balls bondage

With his balls tied with bondage rope, the slave can’t do anything but to totally obey to Mistress’s orders.


Amateur CBT
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