Amateur Smothering

Amateur smothering will probably associate you on some kind of second-grade domination experience, right? What you guys need to finally learn when coming here to Femdom Destiny is to completely leave your prejudices outside. Here, you will find some of the most unexpected kinky femdom stuff and this time is no different. The purpose of this femdom facesitting gallery is to show you (once again) that you are so fucking wrong. Just like this stupid guy was. The last thing he was expecting is that on the business trip he will end like the face sitting slave. But let’s go step by step and see what is going on in this amateur facesitting photos. 

The pair of people you are looking is just the ordinary associates from office. They had to go to one of those boring seminars that are obligatory for their profession. Luckily, this one is short and only a day long. Still, they have a 45 minutes pause so they gone to the room for the refreshment. What this guy don’t know is that his coworker is actually a really kinky and dominant bitch. But it is never too late to find out, right? 

While he was in the bathroom, sexy brunette wanted to relax on the bed. Suddenly, her natural instinct for domination starting showing its ugly head. She screamed and told him to quickly come to her. The stupid guy thought that something wrong and he jumped. Confused considering that there is nothing out of ordinary (yet) he helped her to take off her high heels shoes. You know that moment when you are not sure what to do and then you make a next step whatever that is. And this is where he made his biggest mistake. It is also possible that he had a crush on her from before but as every pathetic guy, he never had balls to admit it to her. If so, what is about to happen is even better then. One thing leads to another and I will skip that boring teasing and persuade part. The next important thing that he knows is that his new role is to be a slave. With a face buried below the sexy butt, the sub is barely managing to breathe. From that perspective, the only thing he can do is to fight for air and watch his new Domme’s clit and arse from the close. A seriously strange development of events compared to where he was only 10 minutes ago. And when we are talking about the time, there is approximatively half hour left until the beginning of the seminar. This means that the slave will have to withstand 30 minutes of brutal amateur smothering and insane face sitting. Will he be able to attend what is left from a seminar, it remains to be seen.

Amateur smothering

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Amateur Smothering
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