Anal Female Domination

Anal female domination is one of those things that you simply can’t get enough. Not only from the perspective of femdom porn fetish fans but also from the angle of a Dominatrix. Today’s vicious femdom update is one more in the series of latest brutal anal fucking strapon dungeon domination sessions everyone love so much. 

Femdom fetish strapon dominatrix with big tits is Mistress Angela White. If you are into porn videos and female supremacy then you will already recognize those huge tits and divine curves of her busty body. If you somehow missed some of the previous updates featuring this Brunette Goddess like recent BDSM Goddess worship and humiliation, then you should know she is a well-known pornstar. She is one of the top rated adult actresses in femdom. A full list of most popular and best porn stars in femdom is available here.

Anal Female Domination

busty goddess in latex gloves

Before this experienced busty milf starts pegging slave, she has to be sure about the size of a strapon dildo. It has to be of a proper size. Not too small but also not too big. This is why hot Goddess in very tight tan nylon stockings is slowly walking around tied BDSM slave waiting for femdom torture. With black latex gloves on, Mistress is gently touching rectal area and inspecting the size of his anal hole. Based on her experience already demonstrated in various hardcore femdom videos, she will pick a suitable strap on dick to get the maximum from anal female domination.

anal female domination

After massive strapon dildo is attached to her hips, Goddess made few more circles around the slave so he can see it well. Being locked in this painful position won’t help him actually see the act of strapon insertion so Mistress wanted to be sure he remembers big strapon before penetration starts. I really look scary, especially with a rubber on it and frankly, I am not sure how this dildo anal sex will actually end.

huge strapon

A moment before Dominatrix pushed plastic dick deep inside the slave’s arse, Mistress gave final instructions to a slave. She is explaining to him that domination humiliation is inevitable and that he can’t do shit to change it. So the best thing to do is to try to relax butt muscles and accept it like a man! In the end, she will make a way through one way or another. Being locked alone inside the femdom dungeon like this strapon slave is a really scary experience. He knows that screaming and asking for mercy won’t help.

BDSM pegging torture

The moment of truth is finally here. I can’t tell exactly is this submissive guy an anal virgin but he definitely acts like the one. Sweating, moaning and even screaming ( I had a chance to watch a series of femdom HD videos recorded during this session)! This is a beautifully sloppy strapon job and a free sex lesson for the future.

Is there anyone else that will dare to say something bad about femdom pornstars and the way how they are handling femdom slaves? This reminded me of one more of these horny adult actresses. Check out Adriana Chechik femdom rough cock and balls torture ending with slave ejaculation

strapon anal fem dom sex

Anyway, as soon as ass fucked started getting it, t was clear that it won’t go so easily as Dominatrix planned. Nothing wrong with that, it would be pretty boring without some effort but that anal hole is not flexible enough for some reason. But that is not a problem. A special lube is already there waiting to be poured all over strapon so the brutal pegging debauchery is resumed in no time, this time without anything standing in the way between a strapon and a butt hole. 

brutal strapon violation

Anal Female Domination
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