Are You A Sissy?

Are you a sissy? There are people still not being sure how do they feel when they are faced with this question. I know, it is sometimes hard to admit that you are an ordinary sissy slut. Usually, the first step is the hardest one. Once you admit it, the feeling of humiliation simply becomes natural. This is why this text is here to help you get out of the closet. Look at this text as a kind of a test. You need to read it completely from the first to the last word. After you are done, you will get an answer to the unpleasant question from the title of this article. Basically, if you are turned on and attracted while reading this, it is clear that you nothing more than an ordinary and pathetic sissy slave. Of course, there is always an option to do some of those boring and almost useless tests and quiz. But that is total crap. I know that this is the best way to finally get an answer to the asked question. Look at this as your final confirmation that you were looking so long. 

Here it is what a sexy blonde Humiliatrix, Miss Jessie Jensen has to say to you: One of my favorite things to do is to put sissies like you in world-crushingly humiliating predicaments. The look of total fear and despair on your pretty made-up face gives me such a fucking kick. I know exactly how to drop you into the most shameful of situations and how to reduce you to tears as you fail to handle the gut-wrenching humiliation. Look at you – you’re already trembling. You’re going to be locked into your frilly girlish maid’s uniform – padlocked into the dress at the collar so it can’t be removed. You’ll wear the most feminine lingerie including the puffiest of pink panties and soft sissy stockings. I’m going to lock your feet into a pair of skyscraper heels and put a big curly blonde wig on your head. Look at yourself in the mirror sissy – no real girl would ever wear anything as over-the-top and ridiculous as this! You look like a total fucking fairy! Lucky for you the 2 skinhead faggot fuckers in the next room have been waiting to get their hands on a dolled up little princess like you for hours! Oh but there’s one problem – they haven’t brought any condoms with them. Oh, dear sissykins… either you can take your chances with the 2 strangers I’ve brought here to spit-roast you or you’re gonna have to head to the pharmacy to pick up some protection. Haha! Wobble your way to the store in your humiliating uniform or let the skinheads fuck you bareback – it’s your choice sissy. If you go you’ll be totally humiliated every step of the way – but if your sissy holes will be filled with the cum of 2 strangers. It’s time to panic sissy!

Ok now when you finished reading, how do you feel? I already know the answer. My advice is to be honest and embrace your new purpose. I know very well that in this moment you are looking for the more sissy humiliation stuff. Let me help you, but only this time. Take a look at one of my favorite sissy slave humiliation galleries. A brutal and bare femdom pegging humiliation of a pathetic slave reminding me to you.

Are you a sissy?

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Are You A Sissy?
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