Armpit Fetish

armpit fetish

Armpit fetish is definitely something that can be extremely unpleasant and humiliating for a slave that is subjected to it. In today’s video taken from one of the biggest female domination sites online today, we are about to see how armpit fetish humiliation rally looks like. Actually, let’s see how this pathetic guy is reacting to Mistress’s sweat under her armpit. But as you already got used to, here at Femdom Destiny we are always looking for something specific and nasty. What is also specific in this femdom video? Well, we have something for all of you sick pervs into BBW (big beautiful women). Her name is Princess Poison and has been sweating all day. Her armpits are very ripe and She decides to take Her little fag slave bitch and force him to sniff and lick them clean. Ooooh… disgusting!

To make it even worse for him, She holds his face deep in Her armpit for some brutal smothering. We love how nasty Princess Poison treats Her little fag bitch slut. Just try looking at her face while she is smothering this guy. You can clearly see her satisfaction while a stupid guy is moaning while sniffing and licking the armpit. Personally, I really like the idea of BBW dominatrix and BBW femdom. Those strong women really know how to handle their men. 

Since there is never enough of armpit worship, I think you are going to appreciate this armpit sniffing video of young femdom goddess forcing a slave to lick another girl’s armpit. 

Armpit Fetish video:



Armpit Fetish
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