Asian Ballbusting Mistress

Asian ballbusting is the ultimate fantasy for people into the Asian femdom and a balls torture fetish. Have you ever wondered how does it feel to be tortured by the sexy Asian female that will punish your balls? I believe that this fantasy is so interesting because of the nature of Asian females. Usually, they are pretty shy and naturally submissive. This means that finding a dominant female is much harder than with the Caucasian females. Still, their girls are equally good if not better when it comes o ballbusting torture

I’ve managed to find one of the rare examples of a great Asian ballbusting. This one is coming from the office. No wonder, considering how many submissive guys are actually office worms. There must be some relationship between that and office femdom fetish. But let’s leave that for some other time and check out what this petite Asian is doing to the slave and his balls. 

Before Mistress started kicking him in the groins, she wants to make sure that he knows where is his place. She ordered him to lay down while she is rubbing his dick with her shoes. There is a good reason for that. Kicking in the balls will hurt much more when a dick is in the erection. Luckily, the dominant Asian girl looks cute and sexy so it didn’t take long for a slave to get a boner. Once she decided it is a time for the next step, Mistress forced him to take everything he has on him except the tie. Why only a tie? Because she is very experienced in femdom CBT torture. This means that she knows that it is totally normal that a slave will try to move and protect himself after the first kick. Simply, this is the natural reflex for all human beings. We are talking about some serious pain here so that is to be expected.

Now take a look at the ballbusting photos below. You will notice that she is holding a tie that is simulating a collar that usually slaves have around their necks. Very imaginative from her and definitely useful trick. Now, the slave can’t run and he didn’t get a chance to protect his genitals. All that lead to his cock losing erection because of all that pain. No wonder, considering the intensity of her kicks. But what I’ve liked the most is that she didn’t leave him alone even when the ballbusting is over. For this Asian Domme, it was the moment to bring things even further with some unexpected cock biting torture. 

Asian ballbusting photos:

office femdom humiliation

asian ballbusting

balls torture Dominatrixfemdom cock biting  

Asian Ballbusting Mistress
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