Ass Worship Fem Dom

Ass worship fem dom is one of the top rated female domination fetishes. No, it is not a mistake that I am using term fem dom instead of femdom because a decent number of daily visitors here on Femdom Destiny are using that term when searching through the site.

There is an old proverb saying that the bigger ass is, more powerful humiliation will be. I absolutely agree with that knowing what a well shaped big butt can do to men. On top of that, if a huge ass is well packed inside tight pants or some kind of costume, males will do whatever it takes to serve it and feel its warmth on their body. Real femdom facesitting fans perfectly know what I am talking about, right? So to honor the beauty of dominant female buttocks, I ‘ve searched for what is previously described, a sexy, big and seductive ass in very tight pants. 

Ass worship fem dom

big ass domination

It didn’t take long to find out what I was looking for because of one of the latest worship femdom photo galleries from Femme Fatale Films is exactly about that. To be more precise, it is one of the rare jodhpur femdom fetish humiliation galleries where the size of Goddess ass emphasized with the shape of sexy riding pants. In a combination with over knee leather boots, this dark haired Mistress can easily get whatever she wants.

Currently, that is only an ass worship fem dom but you never know where all that can go considering previous sessions with divine and busty Mistress R’eal. Yep, that’s her name you should memorize especially if you are into femdom ass worship porn featuring curvy Goddesses.

ass worship fem dom

One look to that voluptuous arse with a slave’s face stuck between the buttocks will make your mouth water. I was always told that someone should record the femdom POV scene (point of view) where the camera is placed at the perspective of an ass slave trying to worship Dominatrix.

What you will notice is that all this erotic ass eating of a Goddess in high heels leather boots requires proper equipment. Luckily, femdom dungeon where busy Humiliatrix is boosting her ego on the daily basis is equipped with everything she needs. This includes special wooden furniture were a slave is subjected to face sitting humiliation. 

facesitting domination and slave humiliation

After making him kiss and smell plump white ass, Mistress R’eal ordered a slave to take a position where she can easily use all of her weight to facesit him. For her, that is just one more change in a positive direction while for a slave it is becoming harder to withstand. To understand the difficulties of Mistress ass femdom worship and big booty facesitting, you had to experience it at least once in your lifetime. 

In short, serving under domme’s ass long enough will leave you breathless and your mind will slowly start to fade due to loss of air coming as a result of ass being much bigger than slave’s face. Minute after minute, what looked as tease and denial at first, now it is becoming a serious smothering femdom torture. While the slave’s lungs are fighting for more oxygen, experienced busty MILF is applying more and more pressure on his face. Unfortunately, we can’t see grimaces he is making while suffering under but I can bet they are hilarious.

femdom facesitting fetish

With hands behind his back, dizzy from brutal facesitting, the submissive guy is still managing to please his Mistress. Someone divine as Mistress R’eal knows to appreciate his determination and efforts. Because of that, big titted Domme wants to rewards him. Are you wondering since when Mistresses are rewarding their submissives?

You are in right, she is just giving him some false hope to make him even more desperate. What she promised him as a reward is nothing more than a position change for her. Instead of worshipping that ass, now he will get a chance for a facesitting pussy licking. Worship of divine pussy is a prize, indeed. Not everyone deserves to be so close to mistress’s vagina. This guy should consider himself a very lucky person now, lol.

Anyway, this is one hottest femdom humiliation scenes recently. At least regarding my taste that tons of other people are sharing. I know also know that the majority of visitors here loves to enjoy the finest professional ass worship fem dom humiliation on a daily level. For that purpose, check out top rated and best femdom ass worship and facesitting sites where you will find various types of ass domination for everyone’s taste. 

You know, many people believe that ass worship fem dom is a simple discipline where a Dominatrix simply sit on slave’s face while he is pinned down waiting to be released. Oh, that’s so wrong. There are so many combinations featuring facesitting punishments that it would take tons of time just to try t count them all. Some of them are stinky facesitting, double smothering, a slave in bondage ass domination, femdom farting humiliation, etc. It really depends on personal female supremacist’s preferences how she will use her butt to dominate boys.

mistress pussy worshipping

I know you are probably still staring at high quality ass to mouth femdom slave photos above, but hopefully, you will notice these few rows at the end of this adult xxx boy worshipping Mistress update.

Knowing that now you are into big juicy ass smothering, I know what is the next thing that can easily become your favorite ass fetish. Check out a BBW femdom and butthole licking video where fat Dominant girl is enjoying slave’s tongue inside her warm asshole. 

Ass Worship Fem Dom
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