Ball Torment

Ball torment video you are looking at here is just the fraction of the full ballbusting femdom torture humiliation session that this slave has to go through. Fem Dom Goddess, Megan Jones and a cruel Dominatrix Mia Annabella come into the clubdom dungeon and are in a sadistic mood. They pretend that they are unhappy with the way the slave is cleaning up the place and they stop him to scold him. He tries to apologize but it just isn’t enough and the very mean women take turns busting in his pathetic balls with their sexy and strong muscular legs. WHAM, WHAM, you can hear it echo through the room, the hard blows to his balls. 

Before they started this cock and ball torment, they were unsure what is be the best way to have some fun and hurt a slave at the same time. You have to understand this type of perplexity. When you are having so many torture sex toys at your disposal (like ball stretched, electrosex devices,  strapons, etc) it can be complicated to pick the best one. Anyway, their doubt what to do didn’t last long. Both femdom Goddesses have strong legs and they agreed that there is no better way to serve some serious pain to the slave than to use a classic ballbusting torture. 

So this is what you are looking at below. A brutal, merciless and painful kicking in the balls that will eventually bring the slave to his knees, where is his natural place. But at that point, he will have a new problem. And that is a fact that Dommes won’t be satisfied with placing him down so easily and fast. So whenever the slave falls down, one of the bitches will bring him up and extend his agony more and more. They have a discretionary decision to make, when it will be enough and when they will stop kicking him in the groins. 

Ball torment and ballbusting video


Ball Torment
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