Ball Torture CBT

Ball Torture CBT is often confused with ball busting. This penis torture gallery will help you spot and learn the difference. When it comes to ballbusting, slave balls are exposed to brutal and usually harsh kicks to slave’s ball sacks. For better understanding, check out this hard balls kicking femdom photo gallery of two Goddesses from ClubDom and their man target. You can also check out the top list with best ballbusting sites offering most for your money if you are into this type of CBT fetish.

Now, when it comes to balls torture CBT, this term can be used for wide array of cock and ball torture methods and extreme CBT scenarios. Some of those are violet wand torture, needling with dozens of tiny sharp needles, cruelty with ball stretchers or ball crusher or usage of various sex toys for that purpose, for example, a femdom humbler

One is for sure, experienced CBT Dominatrix will always know to choose the best method of CBT BDSM inflicting pain for her slave. Some of them are taking it very seriously while some will destroy slave’s genitals just for fun. BDSM femdom CBT torture gallery below is one of those cruel fetish stories where two Goddesses are using CBT addict to kill some time and have fun.

Ball Torture CBT
balls punching punishment

Femdom Goddess Jasmine and blonde Mistress Kandy were in a particularly cruel mood on this night and this slave was subjected to punching, kicking, sounding and breath play. It was all caught on camera so they can later go through erotic humiliation and enjoy every moment, again.

How amusing this is to them, you can see by the smile on their pretty faces. The session is held at home in a relaxed atmosphere. For this types of evenings, Goddesses have all they need to keep BDSM or sex slave locked and helpless.

ball torture CBT

Sexy as always and willing to hurt and humiliate men, cruel mistress Mistress Kandy from Club Stiletto is pulling out slave’s balls. You can see him trying to compensate by raising his body up, but there is not much he can do. This stupid move will only delay pain for a few more seconds. Well, you can’t blame him for trying, it is a natural instinct to try to save your own manhood

Mistress stretching slave's dick

To make him suffer longer, each CBT mistress has her own time for BDSM play with a slave. One by one, they are changing their places. Dark haired Goddess Jasmine is usually seen in foot fetish and sissy humiliation sessions but it seems that hardcore CBT is about to become one of her favorite torture BDSM methods. In the end, this is what most of the professional dominatrix will choose if asked to choose the easiest and most effective fem dom disciplining method.

With every new minute passing, it is becoming harder and harder for a tied guy. Something that looked pretty funny at the beginning is now becoming a serious CBT porn experience. Maybe porn is a too strong word because he won’t get any kind of sexual satisfaction from these kinky  Dommes, not even a ruined orgasm or small penis humiliation. Only the pain and agony coming from putting pressure on man’s most sensitive body part!

Blonde dominatrix

Ball Torture CBT
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