Ball Torture Pics

Ball torture pics below are showing, once again, how kinky is Goddess Ezada Sinn and how much she enjoys inflicting pain on her slaves.  As usually, she loves to share her slaves and this cock and ball abusing session is no different. Simply speaking, when there are two femdom cock Goddesses, more pain will be delivered than when there is only one.

The slave was bound by the two bitches in a steel pillory, so they can play with his cock & balls like they want. Unfortunately for this naked guy, both Goddesses are famous by their very long cock and ball femdom sessions. Now, you are starting to figure it out that this is going a be an extensive session and there is no part of slave’s genitals that will be saved from all that rage. Experienced as they are, mistresses know how important is to have open access to slave’s balls. You know, when it comes to ball torture porn genitals destruction, a normal thing is that male can start twitching after each strong hit into his balls. It is a natural reaction and you can’t blame slave for that. But what a Dominatrix can do is to ensure that this kind of movement doesn’t have any effect. So how to accomplish that? The best way is to put cock and balls into a stiff humbler device. This way, the most sensitive body part (groins) will always be detached from the body and there is no way for a slave to protect himself. Cool, isn’t it?

Before putting balls in a big black wooden humbler, Mistress Gaia dia hard stretching. You can clearly see her pulling them out on the first cock torture photo below. The stupid guy thought that this is the worst thing that will happen but he is so fucking wrong. After some stretching, the next thing is squeezing, just to make them flexible enough for a further manipulation. It didn’t take long before a brutal and very painful electro torment started. At some point, slave started fainting but experienced Mistress like busty big tits Goddess Ezada knows how to handle this kind of situation, with a smile on her beautiful face.

Ball torture pics

Ball Torture Pics testicles squeezingelectro CBTfemdom humbler

Ball Torture Pics
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