Ball Torture Pictures

Ball torture pictures featuring Divine Mistress Heather and cruel femdom CBT Mistress Lady Renee are the latest addition to the series of ballbusting articles.

Considering that ball bondage and ball busting are some of the most popular femdom fetishes, I am sure many of you are going to enjoy torture xxx photos below.

Following the logic that everything is better when done in a pair, two experienced cock ball torture Goddesses joined their strengths at the expense of a helpless male slave. To show him how unimportant he is to them, Mistresses placed a leather mask over his face. They don’t care about how he looks or about his name. He is just one more of many submissive guys that will get what he deserves. Only a number, nothing else.

Indirectly, they told he him he is easily replaceable with another servant, but actually, the message they are silently sending has much deeper meaning. Being no one means that dominant females will treat you mercilessly, totally not caring about long-term consequences for slave’s genitals. On the other hand, this premise is promising brutal testicle torture and this is why you are here. So let’s go through the CBT cock ball torture photos and see what is going on here.

Ball Torture Picturesmore ball torture pictures

Red color generally means the threat, so when two torture ball Mistresses shackle slave to a BDSM frame and strut towards him wearing sexy red latex and thigh boots, everyone should expect some serious hurting! This male sub has already taken a severe lashing from them, but now they turn their cruel intentions to his ball sacks.

Brutal kicking, painful punching, femdom kneeing, twisting and squeezing is what he is going to get. The goal is to make them big and swollen. Blonde Dominatrix Heather is notorious for her brutal CBT treatment but combined with the viciously accurate and powerful punches from a redhead Lady Renee, the submissive really stands little chance of keeping his manhood intact!

harsh kicking in balls

These two fatal women agreed to conduct this female domination session in a way where one will be in charge of slave’s balls and the other one will replace her, just when a slave think it is over. A fantastic and top rated cock and ball torture method proved as devastating for the side receiving hits. And we all know who is that here, lol.

blonde goddess ballbusting

When I think better, I am actually sorry for not seeing slave’s face while torture BDSM session is progressing. I can bet that his funny grimaces would be the perfect sign of agony and pain he is going through. Things are also psychologically tuff for him because or the chains attached to legs, not letting him take any kind of defensive move.

Well, that’s one of those things many people are overlooking when talking about the effectiveness of male genital torture CBT. Being helpless while someone is punishing you is a terrible punishment on its own. And on the top of that, try to imagine that you are at risk of losing the most sensitive body part necessary for reproduction. On the other hand, why would anyone want to see more weak and pathetic guys?

harsh balls squeezing

At the last of ball torture pictures, you will see cock torture Mistress Lady Rene and how she is inspecting huge cock and the results of ball torture porn. Even when doing this, the last phase of balls torture, she is hurting slave by pulling and then squeezing those balls. Ball stretching is always a great way to see are big balls still sensitive as at the beginning. 

You know, sometimes a blood flow stops from the strong blows and harsh penis torture. In these situations, it is common that Goddess continue abusing slave with hot wax, cock bondage or by using ball stretchers. But let’s leave that for some other time, ok?

Ball Torture Pictures
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