Ballbusting Girls Workout

Ballbusting Girls Workout is a practice that should be constantly repeated if a girl wants to stay in a good shape and avoid losing condition. Luckily, a successful workout depends only on one thing and that is the availability of a male slave. 

For Miss Bliss and Pandora that is not a problem. Brat bitches have an address book full of slaves. They just need to pick which one will be serving them on that day. How cool is that? Anyway, today they are testing a new theory. Mistress Pandora explained that she notices her slaves are serving her better when they are horny. She thinks that controlling a slave only through pain is not so effective as keeping him horny during the session. Miss Bliss is not so sure about that, but like any curious girl, she decided to support this and make a small test. In short, idea is to keep slave horny and then test his endurance by kicking him in the balls.

Experienced bitches like these tho know exactly how long it takes for a man to get down on his knees after being kicked in the balls and now they want to compare with a new method in their regular workout. To achieve that, it is always the best way to let men get in contact with female genitals. This is why they are letting him lick their pussies and touch arse with his tongue. Classic facesitting always keeps submissive guys horny enough and girls know that very well. So, after some brutal and harsh genital kickings, girls noticed that he is about to lose control over his body. At that point, they ordered him to lay down on the floor while they are sitting on his face. After a minute (or so) of facesitting humiliation, girls resumed kicking his groins.

Ballbusting Girls Workout

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Ballbusting Girls Workout
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