Ballbusting Mistress

Ballbusting Mistress role might seem like something easy. But there are some rules that every CBT dominatrix need to learn. The most important one is to know when it is too much. A girl getting into this brutal game should be aware that she is playing with the most sensitive part of male’s body. You know, having a good ballbusting slave is a very important thing. It is hard to pick the good one and when you do, the smartest thing is to keep him for the future cock and balls torture sessions. What I am trying to say is that some guys are less sensitive to the pain and that is what every serious Domme is looking for. Maye it doesn’t sound logical but let’s put it this way.

Imagine yourself being kicked in the groin. You would probably end lying on the ground in the extreme pain immediately after the first kick. Right? So what is the use for a Mistress if she has a slave that will go unconscious after next hit in the balls? Useless, really. So this is why dominant girls need to make difference between a weak guy and some that can handle a longer ballbusting session. I mean, if she wants to wreak anger on a pair of balls, she needs someone that can stand it for at least few minutes or more. So as for the most things in life, there are no good results without a practice. On the femdom balls torture photos below, you are looking at young ballbusting Mistress experimenting with her slave and his pain threshold. From what she is seeing there ti seems that this guy is not the bad solution, as she initially though. Of course, after some brutal groin kicking, he was on the ground but that didn’t stop her to continue checking his limits by using trampling torture and cock caning methods. 

Ballbusting Mistress:

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Ballbusting Mistress
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