Ballbusting Pics

Ballbusting pics that we had in the recent update where redhead girl is biting a dick just increased my appetite for more. I am 100% sure when I say that there is never enough of a good cock and balls torture. So there is no special reason for one more ball busting humiliation gallery, just a pure wish to share some pain. And there is a lot of pain in what you are looking here. As always, when two dominant bitches attacking one guy, that means double pain dosage for him. What I like the most is how both femdom mistress looks. They seem like the regular hotties you are seeing on the street. High heels, tight skirts, and perfectly shaped bodies are just the facade for their hard and cruel nature. Something that the poor guy will feel on his skin, or better to say, on his cock and balls. 

Princess Jennifer along with Goddess Ela are giving a cock ball busting session that a fat guy will remember for a long time. Just watch ballbusting pics below and see girls having really great time ball busting the slave. The simple ball torture is not their final goal. Dominant girls simply want to humiliate him as much as they can. This is why a brunette Princess Jennifer laughing at slave’s ugly face while he is moaning in pain. The stupid naked slave is trying to find a position where hard kicks will feel less painful. How stupid from him? CBT and ballbusting seem like a final destination for two dommes. They simply love to inflict pain and that won’t change, ever. 

Ballbusting pics torture:

balls trampling

There is one more thing that got my attention. Girls are not putting slave into suspension bondage. This means only one. They are experienced in CBT ballbusting and this is not their first time. Only people that had a real balls torture experience know how a single hit can totally disable slave from moving and defending. Just one kick in the groin and that’s it. Obviously, girls know this too and this is why you are not seeing any kind of suspension. 

ballbusting pics
cock and balls torture
humiliated slave in pain

Ballbusting Pics
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