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Ballbusting pictures and where it comes to them, there is no better place to find them than Ballbusting Pornstars website. They are specialized in cock and balls torture and different forms of genitals torture. I am talking about the really various stuff, from ball busting to castration scenarios. Anyway. before you go there to check it and find some more ball torture, I wanted to share some great ballbusting pictures from their site. You are looking at the gallery where young, angry and sexy redhead Domme, Mistress Alexis is brutally punishing the Asian guy. There is a whole story behind this and a good explanation why she is torturing him. But, I won’t spend your time. You are here for some quality ballbusting photos so take a look at next. 

Ballbusting pictures: 

sitting on slave's balls

Clearly, Miss Alexis know how to play this cruel game and the kicking in the groins is just one part of this session. Sure, it is probably the most painful but look what she is doing in the photo above. Mistress is using all her weight to sin and pressure his balls. This way, the guy can see her perfectly shaped butt and suffer at the same time. When I think better and look at his face in agony, it is a real question can he watch her at all. Anyway, once she finished rubbing and pressuring balls with her ass, the time has come for the harsh balls kicking. She ordered him to stand firm in front of her. While she is teasing him and showing the middle finger, Mistress unleashed series of brutal and strong kicks. The only thing he can do is to scream in agony and wait for her to finish this.

redhead ballbusting Mistress ballbusting pictures

As mentioned above, Miss Alexis knows how to play this sadistic game. The end of a session will show you that, too. Just when a slave thought that everything is over, Mistress decided to give him some more pain. But not only the pain. She wants to leave marks on his dick so the slave can remember her every time when he pulls it out. There is no better way to do this than to bite his cock, right?

balls biting torture

Ballbusting Pictures
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