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BALLBUSTING SITES – TOP 10 LIST – I know that there are still many people totally confused with the concept of ball busting. Finally, this article will explain everything you need to know about this ball torture method. But that’s not all. You are about to see top rated ball kicking websites by user reviews sorted by quality, relevance and amount of ballbusting videos they are offering.

Every one of them is featuring exclusive content of female domination without faking injuries or agony of the slaves. Basically, all these ballbusting sites have real-life footage showing erotic sexual femdom torture and men suffering from being kicked in the balls.

And before proceeding with top femdom CBT fetish sites, you should know that every one of them (except the last one) has regular updates with fresh cock and ball torture femdom videos and photos.

Ballbusting Sites Top 10

#1 – Ballbusting Pornstars

Ballbusting sitesIt is always the best thing to have a descriptive site name to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. It is a no-brainer, the best-ranked website is exclusively dedicated to ballbusting domination but only by pornstar girls! It would be useless to try to count all of the femdom porn actresses featured there so I will encourage you to simply visit the site and see for yourself. The site is updated regularly and you can sign up for a free newsletter to get info about the latest femdom ballbusting episodes on your email.

The best part is the value. They have a three trial period available for a symbolic price. Just enough to see how do you like what these mean girls are doing to their slaves. The site is offering exclusive content, not available anywhere else, even on the personal sites of featured porn stars. The only reason why someone will disagree with the highest ranking position here is if you are into amateur stuff and not into professionals. Everything else is top notch and ball busting videos are made in HD quality. You can read a full ballbusting review of this site here

In short, there is no similar website to this one. It is absolutely a favorite adult site destination for balls torture fetishists. It has a very specific and unique approach and basically no competition. The only website having something similar, but not the same, is ranked 5th on this ballbusting sites list. Keep browsing and you will see what are the similarities once you get down there.

#2 – Ballbusting POV

premium porn and footjob ballbustingNext website featuring high-quality ballbusting porn videos is Ballbusting POV. POV is the abbreviation for point of view and it means that you will be placed into the position of male slaves facing their Dommes while they are kicking them in the balls. Action on this site is harsh and without mercy for fetish BDSM submissives and guys are not having any kind of protection on their genitals.

Even if a site is dedicated to POV female domination, members area contains regular torture footage where the cameraman is recording cock and balls torture action from various angles. Besides this type of femdom movies, there are many teasing videos and guided femdom films. Dominant girls will order you how to hurt yourself and your genitals. Practically, this is closest to what you will see in ballbusting chat live cams and the difference is that these recordings are not in real time like with live cam femdom. A very interesting approach and a chance to do some cruel ballbusting training. 

Considering this is a pay site, there is one thing why this amateur ballbusting website is so interesting. When you join it, you will get access to all other great femdom bonus sites from Femdom Craze network (around 10 other micro niche female supremacy websites)

#3 – Club Dom

forced pussy licking and brutal deprivationWell known for its brutality, this is one of the biggest cruel Mistress destinations and already ranked very well in the best general femdom sites list. Even if it is not exclusively dedicated to ballbusting femdom, a big proportion of content there contains serious femdom CBT. Knowing that this is also one of the oldest and biggest forced femdom websites, this means that the size of the ballbusting video repository is huge. Actually, cock torture section is bigger than some of the sites completely dedicated to ballbusting and CBT.

Just as in other cases, ball busting domination videos and femdom clips are extreme and serious without any form of faking the pain and madness happening there. 

#4 – Divine Bitches

ballbusting cuckold and much moreSimilar to the femdom fetish site above, once known as Men In Pain, this site is now offering exclusive hard ballbusting scenes. This site is online for many years and with regular updates, it is filled with various forms of femdom torture. Ballbusting fetish is just one of many categories available there. You can read a highly recommended review here that will help you understand the size and value of Divine Bitches.

If you are impatient and not having time for a deep analysis, in short, a fourth-ranked site is a project with serious professionals behind and not some kind of amateur project. Regular updates, genuine scenes, kinky fetish stuff and most of all, access to 50 more BDSM sites for the price of one (Whipped ass, Foot Worship, Sex And Submission, Water Bondage, Public Disgrace, Brutal Sessions, Kink virtual reality, etc)

#5 – Femdom Empire

crushing ballbusting and content high qualityA huge collection of this site content is featuring not only rough sex, porn experience, fetish worship, and worship domination but also videos of girls kicking slaves in groins. As mentioned at the beginning, xxx movies are featuring some of the most famous pornstars, similar to the first ranked websites. You will find trampling CBT, bondage femdom, kinky kicks, foot domination and other forms of femdom torture. CBT cock and ball torture is just a fragment of what is offered there but still a more than a decent category that can be interpreted as a separate website. 

Considering the amount of forced femdom fucking, Femdom Empire should be marked as one of the best porn sites, if you ask me. Don’t forget to use advanced search when you go to check this site. You will need it!

#6 –  Smashing Your Balls

femdom fighting girls against men's sacksAn indicative name for the website telling you what you will find if you dare to join all that ballbusting session debauchery. Femdom clips available inside are made by the same people behind third-ranked site so style and action are similar. The difference is that you will get more “softer” balls torture if that is a good expression for such a sensitive subject and a pay site.

Hot young girls in high heels or bare feet are teasing slaves and threatening to permanently damage their balls. Some of them are really doing it while some will be satisfied with just seeing the fear in slave’s behavior. 

#7 –  Kinky Mistresses

super affordable female domination contentBeing kinky is always a question for debate. Kinky for one person is totally normal for the other one. In our case, this website is offering some pretty good trample CBT and cock balls torture episodes. Similar to the others mentioned, there is a variety of BDSM torture methods used on captives. It is a big site, not so big as other sites with mixed fem dom fetishes offer, but there is still a solid number of femdom ballbusting videos available inside member area. This means that at the moment when you are looking at this ballbusting sites toplist, it can only be more than when I was checking their offer.

Quality is above the average and all latest videos and in HD. The best way to illustrate the effectiveness of their brutal ballbusting punishments is to see one of the ballbusting cock torment scenes. Check out sexy CBT Mistress Ezada Sinn slapping slave’s balls until they are swollen. The rest of the similar Kinky Mistresses fetish porn torture updates are available here.

#8 –  Goddess Snow

ball busting humiliatrixThe only website on this list that is actually a personal homepage of a Dominatrix. This means you will rarely see other Goddesses ballkicking foot domination slaves but there are still some. The main star is one of the most attractive Mistresses in the femdom world today. 

Beautiful Goddess Alexandra Snow is a curvy fem dom Mistress, an expert in various types of female supremacy (crushing trampling, face sitting, cuckolding, spanking ballbusting, strapon domination, real life femdom enema, boot fetish, lesbian domination, double penetration, etc) including the devastation of most sensitive body parts like genitals. To better understand what I am talking about, check out a genuine amateur ballbusting video of Mistress Snow. Don’t forget to turn speakers on and hear brutal slaps and suffering of a poor guy.

#9 – Men Are Slaves

trampling pics and videos amateurAn amateur style female domination website featuring a satisfactory number of ballbusting tube style videos and photo galleries. Free section of the site will only show you photos while member contains real stuff. Trampling ballbusting is one of the favorite methods for women there looking like typical girls next door. What you will notice is that their scenes is that many of them are featuring two or more girls attacking one pair of balls. 

Not sure why is that but double means more trouble for the submissive guys. One of my favorite solo male torture scenes is a ballbusting girls workout that you can see here. Most of the domination and punishments are done at that mansion you are seeing in the previous scene. 

#10 – CBT and Ballbusting

insane BDSM tortureThe only reason why this website is the last one is the frequency of the updates. It seems that they stopped publishing new episodes and that is a big shame. The website was active for many years and it is filled with some of the best balls torture and extreme CBT things you will find out online. I am not yet sure will they resume updating and I hope they will. Until then, you should consider it as kind of an archive offering unique ballbusting stuff so it is still worthy of joining. Especially because with a membership there, you will get an access to other domination sites in their network. The general suggestion is that you should join, get access and then cancel anytime to avoid being charged in the future. At least until they resume their great work.

Besides ballbusting, of course, you will find nasty stuff like genitals torture, cock electroshocks, cock needling, group femdom torture and much more. Free ball and cock torture photos below will tell you about the cruelty and quality of their femdom videos and galleries.

Ballbusting sites – the conclusion

As you already know and noticed, this type of femdom is one of those with a limited audience. Not everyone can handle to see pain shown on real ballbusting sites. We need to understand this and this the reason why there are no many good ballbusting sites online today.

There were some extraordinary examples in previous years but they are out of business for various reasons that we won’t discuss now. You are here to enjoy what above-mentioned ballbusting sites and what they are offering. Turning back won’t help much. In the end, I would like to suggest that all visitors should use every possible chance to promote this femdom niche and try to help to gain more exposure. 

You can achieve that by posting links to ballbusting sites or simply by engaging in forums discussions talking about power exchange and forms of female domination. If you are a true ballbusting sites lover and CBT fetishists, you can be shocked by how many submissive men are not yet aware of the existence of balls torture as a special category of femdom. They just need to be persuaded to get into it. The first time they finally feel sensation coming from being kicked in groins, I am sure they will become absolute supporters of this form of sexual activity. 

Also, please don’t be selfish. You can post comments below this article where you can share your personal experience with ballbusting. We all love to hear good ballbusting stories and real-life situations and how men get there. As stated in site’s privacy policy, everything is anonymous so no worries. 

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