Double Ballbusting Torture

Ballbusting torture for the connoisseur is delivered up by The Hunteress and Cate Fury. They team up to pulverize his balls from the front and back, standing and on his knees, there is just no let up for the eager to please slave. To ensure his balls feel their full force, his cock is taped up to keep it out of the way… no cock cushioning from the hammer blows he receives from these two stunning, yet brutal Dommes!

This is the simplest way to describe this ballbusting torture scene you are looking at. I guess it is actually impossible to explain and describe with ordinary words what this slave is feeling. He got himself into the huge trouble and there is no easy way out from this. Knowing what is The Huntress capable of doing, I am sure that it will end badly for him. I know that even without looking at this scene. But I had a chance to see this ballbusting video here. After looking at it, I must say that this one of the best double ballbusting scenes I’ve seen recently. The kicks were so hard that at some point slave was close to being unctuousness from the pain. Of course, that is not the point. Every serious ballbusting dominatrix must know where is the limit and how much her slave can withstand. No one wants to ruin the session with sending a slave to be unconscious, right? Idea is that he feels terrible pain and humiliation and they need the keep awake for that. 

Ballbusting torture photos:

femdom mistresses
femdom ball busting

So what else is there left to be said about this ballbusting torture scene? Except that goddesses are very cruel and kinky, they are both incredibly hot. I would say that Mistress Cate Fury looks like the fashion model. At the same time, The Huntress’s new and short haircut is going to be a new fetish. Enjoy it!

ballbusting torture the huntress

Double Ballbusting Torture
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