Beautiful Facesitting

Beautiful facesitting photos you are about to see are coming from one of the latest Club Stiletto updates, a personal homepage of famous Dominatrix, Mistress Kandy. Being beautiful is her second name. 

The trick is that so many guys fall for this beautiful smiling face you see below. The biggest and most dangerous mistake that men are making is exactly because of Mistress’s gentle face. If you are not familiar with this divine femdom lady and what she is capable of doing to guys, then you will probably say ” wow, what a chick, she’s hot”. Yes, she definitely is but there is a true sadist hiding behind that pretty face.

Still, today’s babe facesitting update is not about sadism and torture but more about the beauty of the sexual smothering act. There are plenty of other updates featuring Goddess Kandy inflicting serious pain and suffering to her slaves. A good example is a merciless ball torture CBT femdom episode featuring Mistress Jasmine as CBT apprentice. There is also a video clip from this session recorded here on the Merciless Mistresses humiliation episode.

Beautiful facesitting Mistress

From the look in Kandy’s eyes, it is clear that She loves facesitting after all these years. I would say she is enjoying and having fun just as the first time. She picked a special place for a hot facesitting session, a toilet.

Beautiful Facesitting Mistress

Dressed to tease, She actually made a perfect choice that will help this beautiful blonde to smother easy. Without panties, the only thing she has to do is to pick up tight lingerie. Access to genital aria and a beautifully shaped asshole is there, waiting to be served. 

Pinned down to the floor, there is nothing else amateur facesitting slave can do now but to start with pussy licking and anal stimulation. Lucky guy, some would say but is it really like that? I’ve already told you this divine woman is a serious Mistress and someone with enough power and knowledge to make every man become submissive. What you can’t see while she is sitting on the face is the pressure Goddess is applying. Exclusive facesitting porn photos aren’t exactly the best place to see this but you should believe my word. I had a chance to watch full-length babe facesitting video and one thing is for sure. This is a genuine brutal facesitting action

A combination of dominant ass pinning down solo male on the hard and cold floor made slave beg. The only thing he is asking is to at least change position if she already won’t stop with big ass worship and face sitting torture.

toilet facesitting humiliation

Luckily for him, a beautiful facesitting lady wants to get an unobstructed female orgasm. She knows that if femdom facesitting is too harsh, sub won’t be able to concentrate on his tongue movement. So, Domina heard the plea and told a slave he is lucky today. They will continue top rated female domination facesitting smother session in the bedroom from now on.

Goddess in stockings sitting on slave's face

Once they changed location, now you can take a better look at that beautiful ass and enjoy a supreme beautiful girl in black stockings riding a slave’s face. Almost left without air, he is struggling to do what Mistress is expecting. Maybe location change wasn’t such a good idea, huh?

Ass facesitting just became more interesting. Smothering Mistress discovered that she has fun while jumping on the slave’s face while he is trying to locate her pussy lips. It seems that big butt worship will last longer than anyone planned. So much fun with such a simple femdom method is one of the main reasons why girlfriend facesitting is one of the most popular femdom fetishes ever

Check out that top list above and you will be pleasantly surprised how well female supremacy smothering is rated. 

Mistress Kandy smothering sub

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Beautiful Facesitting
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