Becoming A Sissy Slave

Becoming a sissy slave can be one of the most important things in a life of every submissive man. This is why every dominatrix experienced in forced feminization knows the importance of a good sissy training. And the quality femdom training is not a one-time operation. Actually, a good and true sissy drilling will be successful only when there are multiple lessons. Usually, some of them have to be repeated multiple times, especially the ones when a real man has to give his anal virginity and experience pegging for the first time. But that is a completely different story at this moment. Basically, at the forced sissy humiliation video below, you will see the first stage of a training performed by Mistress Jean Bardot.

This experienced dark haired Dominatrix is one of the most relevant persons when it comes to sissy slut domination and forced sissification. As you probably know from some of her previous brutal female domination scenes, her favorite tool for domination is a strapon. Considering that this is a first sissy maid lesson, Mistress Bardot decided to use big plastic dildos instead of strapon attached to her body. But that doesn’t mean it will be easier for the slave. On the contrary. Turn on speakers to loud and listen him gagging while he is experiencing real-life female domination. Personally, this is the sound that I would play to every single male in the world as soon as they become adults. I can bet that just listening to this would immediately change how they see the world. 

Now, enjoy the torture video and use the web site post comments section below to share your experience with the sissification process. Also, don’t forget to check out one of my favorites humiliation session showing blonde Goddess and the sissy initiation anal probing.

Becoming A Sissy Slave


Becoming A Sissy Slave
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