Best Sissy Training

Best sissy training is always the one that will result in an absolute obedience of a sissy slut. Different Mistresses are having different approaches to the idea of shaping the behavior of a sissy faggot. If you are a regular visitor to this website, you will remember that femdom feminization is of the most popular femdom fetishes and subjects here.  Today’s exclusive video from Clubdom repository is one more episode dedicated to femdom discipline and sissy slave humiliation.

Before getting into the details about what is going in this brutal suck n fuck sissyfication video, I would like to go through a few more methods of sissy trainer scenarios. For example, check out how sissies are trained inside The English Mansion. You should also check more specific domestic sissy maid femdom training here. As mentioned, there different theories about what is best sissy training. Some people believe that is strapon double penetration, some believe that making sissy a bisexual male is a way to go while some only believe in a slave disciplining with electroshocks.

Best Sissy Training video


Now, let’s get back to femdom training video. Mistress Jewell and Goddess Tangent are having a different approach to what they consider a quality sissy training method. They believe that being violent is always the best way. In the world of kinky female supremacy that means only one and that is strapon domination. If you want a train a sissy slut then you need to make it feel that way. What is a better way than to be penetrated, fucked and left in confusion and humiliation?

The solo male doesn’t have a chance to defend against two cruel and horny supremacists and Dommes. Killer combination of one of naughtiest Mistresses from Clubdom is a guarantee for a successful training. Basically, you are looking at an exclusive content and a shiny example of pegging porn videos. Considering how brutal they are while pegging stupid crossdresser, this can only be called a porn. 

Bot being armed with a strapon big dick, Mistresses have their sissy servant on his knees with his hands behind his back. Before placed into the position for sucking and fucking, the slave is forced to wear fishnet costume and a wig. Sissy trainer, Goddess Tangent, tells her slut that unless he makes their cocks nice and wet with his slutty mouth then he will be fucked dry. So it is a hard choice but she won’t leave him much time to think about it.  After getting his Mistresses’ cocks properly lubed, with his spit and drool, the cross dresser slut takes his place on the BDSM fucking bench. Goddess Tangent started pounding his slutty ass from behind (strapon doggy style) while the prostitute takes Miss Jewell’s strap on in his throat. Finally, Dominatrix Jewell puts the slut on his back and pile drives him with her huge cock. 

Notice that because of copyrights, this is not a full sissy fucking video. More than enough to get an idea about the brutality of this crossdresser training method. Still, a full HD pegging footage is available here

Best Sissy Training
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