Black Ass Facesitting

Black ass facesitting should be treated as a reward if you ask me. The idea of serving a hot black Goddess and her ass is a fantasy for so many men. Luckily, some of the guys have a chance to actually live it. You are looking at the black ass facesitting photos and one of those scenes where a white boy is used as an ass licking tool.Whether he will succeed to justify his purpose is yet to be seen.

But the things are getting even better when you take a look at black female domination photos below. Instead of one ass to lick and smell, there are two waiting to be served. And yes, both are sexy and chocolate brown. Something that a slave will have a chance to see from the close. What is specific for this ass domination gallery is the way how a slave is positioned. Two girls picked a very unpleasant position on the ordinary chair. The guy is turned upside down. Considering that this is an ordinary and firm chair, I can bet that he will feel immediate pain once the Mistress starts riding his face. All that pressure will end on his tiny back. But that is the beauty of a good femdom facesitting session. Besides pleasing herself, a Mistress will find additional joy in watching the guy suffering. Unfortunate for a slave and luckily for the domes, they will have a great view this time. I don’t mean only about the period of face riding. I am talking about the chance for black Goddess to watch a slave from all angles, while another Domme is smothering him. 

Anyway, less talk, more action. I am leaving you alone to watch a slave boy serving his only purpose of ebony ass worship. I would say that this is going to be a long femdom smothering session for him.

Black ass facesitting photos:

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Black Ass Facesitting
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