Black Mistress Facesitting

Black mistress facesitting white slave is one of those interracial femdom scenes that will stay engraved in memory for a long time. Especially if facesitting dominatrix is extremely strict, hot and muscular femdom Goddess like ebony Mistress Kiana.

We already got used to watching this hot mistress brutally pegging slave or even group of poor men but she is clearly not shy when it comes to femdom facesitting. I can bet that with her sexy and muscular ass, it is really a special kind of unforgettable experience for a submissive to be pinned down by such a special lady. 

Black Mistress Facesitting

In this particular black babe facesitting scene, the naked slave boy is forced to take a humiliating position on a special leather BDSM bed Mistress Kiana is often using together with other Goddesses from Kinky Mistresses realm.

Usually, this cruel black girl likes to use it for a merciless strapon pegging and you can watch this HD video here so this is clearly her favorite spot between all those great places for slave torture inside this femdom dungeon.

watch black mistress riding white slave

Considering that male slave is not tied by any means, black femdom Dominatrix wants to explain to him what are consequences of moving or even trying to move while she is sitting on his face. This is a necessary step because of a specific nature of surroundings in this facesitting session.

Before black Goddess started riding face, she took an intimidating position above slave and notified slave what is about to happen. While sitting on his chests and increasing pressure until his heart started to skip, the slave is forced to watch and carefully listen to black horny Mistress above him. With a pretty convincing and calm voice tone, Domina explained to him that she is craving for a good female orgasm. And sexual pleasure is something she considers as a very serious subject. 

To do it, she wants to facesit slave while his task is to try to stimulate her genital area while staying absolutely calm. This includes part of the session where femdom slave is smothered and subjected to losing stable air flow. 

big ass domina choking male slave

Easier to say than to do but anyway, he has been warned. If he doesn’t obey these simple instructions that even retarded person would be able to remember, outcomes will be severe. Ebony face sitting Goddess explained to him that she is an expert in anal femdom fisting torture. There is a good reason why she picked to mention this instead of her expertise in BDSM femdom strapon domination and interracial humiliation.

Knowing the psychology and way of thinking of an average femdom slave, there is a big chance that he would still try to elude her orders and make it easier for himself knowing there is no strapon or other tools in the vicinity. But when it comes to anal fisting, there is nothing more she needs than her own hand to do it.

Now you can see what is the difference between amateur facesitting girls and top rated ebony femdom Goddess knowing all those small tricks necessary for flawless facesitting porn. After a short persuasion, facesitting mistress started her raunchy face fucking and facesitting debauchery.

black mistress facesitting

While black mistress dominates and perfecting her BDSM xxx slave facesitting skills, it seems that ass worship servant is following previously mentioned instructions. This is a rare opportunity to see dangerous Miss Kiana smiling because she is usually totally mad on her slaves, even if they are absolutely obedient and useful. One more reason to enjoy high quality hot mistress femdom facesitting session while it lasts.

Harsh interracial face sitting domination

Black Mistress Facesitting
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