Blonde Farting

Blonde farting directly in the face of a slave that you are about to see is hiding much more kink and humiliation than you are guessing at the first moment. Sexy girl farting is a strong fetish getting in popularity recently. That’s great because sexy farts coming from big ass are slowly stopping to be a taboo and getting more and more fans around the world. What is considered embarrassing, in the world of female domination is something completely opposite. When a girl farts, it is recognized as a sign of dominance and male humiliation. Fart slave will have to withstand all that smell coming directly from intestines.

Experienced girls know that a key to massive farts is to eat properly before starting a high-quality face farting session. We all know what kind of food is best when you want to empty your stomach so there is no need to mention it here. What is important is important for a dominant girl is to always be able to perform face fart. We all know that top videos featuring farting porn stuff, girls are farting like crazy. But in reality, being able to do it so easily takes much practice and abnegation before getting there. Sexy blonde farting video below is one of those real ones and a perfect example of how a real-life female domination including big farts really looks like. The best part is that kinky Goddess is basically making an introduction to the next level of femdom humiliation. If you turn your speakers on and don’t wait for farts only, you will hear her actually talking to the slave boy. She is basically telling him to prepare for her breakfast coming out and that means that some serious femdom scat is coming soon. But let’s leave that for some other time. Take a look at wet fart video and don’t forget to turn up the volume. For a better understanding of what is going on in this humiliating scene where blonde farting Mistress farts while playing a sexy game of teasing and instructed femdom masturbation

Blonde farting video


As soon as you play the video, you will see beautiful femdom Goddess, Mistress Kandy from Club Stiletto. With her ass cheeks spread wide, she is talking to a naked guy waiting on his knees.  “Junior, I feel my breakfast is coming out”.  Dominatrix is explaining him with her teasing voice that she had an omelet with bacon and her farts are going to be ripe.  As soon as she says this, you will see her anal cavity start to part and a sweet whiff of a fart expels itself from her ass.  Soft but strong as even milf farting reacts to the smell as it drifts right into Junior’s nose.  Well known as a versatile Domme, blonde farting won’t miss a chance to get some stimulation and stinky arse massage with slave’s tongue. She decided to order slave in and tells him to get his tongue in her butt to take care of any juices that might be present and are normal after.  But this is more like a well-planned trick. His tongue triggers her need to fart and this ripe sounding fart blows violently into Juniors naive and confused face.  He grimaces but when ordered to do so tells mommy that he loves her violent farts. Are you confused about why she is calling herself a “mom”? 

There is a very good reason for that. She is married to Junior’s Dad and now has his son as her personal blackmailed plaything.  It just makes her so happy knowing he has to follow every order which has been wonderful in helping her expand to new levels of cougar mom and stepson sexual behavior. She makes Junior give her a big smile to show how happy he is. Young male slave keeps sniffing then she backs him off so you can see the next two farts yourself.  Mistress Kandy wonders out loud what daddy might do if he found out that Junior actually ate his breakfast from her butt after all the gas is just a buildup to a big dump.

Kandy then lets out another additionally nasty fart and then suddenly another.  “Tell me how much you adore them”?. What you should know is that this kind of homemade amateur farting and messing video is only a part of a full session. You will find a full clip inside Kandy’s website together with top trending hot girl fart compilation. Expect to see some seriosely fucked up and nasty stuff coming from cruel and pervy dominant girls!

Blonde Farting
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