Boots Slave

Boots slave title is one of the lowest designations male slave can deserve. Being a bootlicker is one of the lowest valuable marks on the slave utility-scale. The reason for that is that is one of the easiest tasks to do compared to other types of femdom servitude between top ranked femdom fetishes.

Still, boot worship is one of the most popular things when it comes to solo male humiliation. We all know that there is something really special and seductive when a woman is wearing boots, right? The first thing in men’s minds is how beautiful they are. It is hard to resist and stop staring at a pair of sexy legs in boots. If you are a straight guy then you know the feeling. This is where you should look for the reason for boot domination.

Once seduced with the help of sexy boots, a woman can do whatever she wants to a man and that includes footwear worship. Femdom boots fetish is one of the most common kinks out there and basically an entrance into the kinky world of female domination

Boots slave humiliation

Still, some guys need encouragement and have to be pointed in the right direction. Brat princess photos you are watching right now are a good example of a boot slut training and what it takes to make a man a suitable boot cleaning slave.

domestic femdom training

Femdom Mistress in charge of a femdom slave training is Goddess Cadence St. John. If you want to see more of her photos and clips, check out her personal Twitter profile page available here.

She knows that pain is crucial for a successful female domination lesson, dominatrix prepared a leather whip. The trick is that she won’t even try to test how good this slave is with boots worship. Instead, this young Mistress will immediately start with brutal and merciless femdom whipping. As soon as a sub is placed in a suitable position, he starts experiencing merciless hits all over his naked back. From now on, the sub will learn to give more respect when he sees tattooed women.

femdom whipping torture

At this point, the slave is totally confused about why this is happening because he believes that he didn’t do anything wrong. He is in right, but who cares? The purpose of making him suffer is to learn him what will happen if a Goddess is not satisfied with what comes next and it is an obligation to worship goddess’s leather boots.

Once the young Goddess decided it was enough, she finally explained to him what she is expecting to be done. With an obvious relief on his face, slave immediately starts to worship Goddess’s boots. What he doesn’t know that femdom boots worship can be physically demanding even if it looks like a gift compared to the previous whipping.

When you are on your knees and in the same position for a while, the whole body will start to hurt. If you don’t believe, go ahead, try it now and crawl on your knees for 10 minutes or so and then leave a comment below. 

boots slave

With a leather boot in his mouth, relatively dirty boots will now become new and shiny. Frankly, I couldn’t see they were dirty but if a Mistress says so to a slave, there is no reason to try to deny or explain. With a constant threat of resuming whipping torture, the goddess’s boots slave is giving his best to make her satisfied. 

forced boots worship

Knowing that you are into boot domination, here are some of the hottest recommended exclusive content high quality updates I don’t want to be missed. All three are featuring lessons in boot worship and foot domination foot fetish. The first one is about amateur female supremacy high heels boots worship. It is a classic addiction for sexy female boots we all love to see.

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The least one (last for today) is a kink xxx gallery featuring Mistress Kendra Hearth letting slave cum on her boots before pegging him with a strap on dildo attached to her hips. 

Boots Slave
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