Boots Trampling

Boots trampling torture like you have never seen before. This great video is the one of the newest coming from the Club Stiletto. If you are somehow still not familiar with this site, read more about it TOP 10 femdom sites.

In the free femdom trampling video below you are about to see sexy, strict and gorgeous Mistress Kandy in the kind of amateur femdom style domination. Kandy’s slave is forced to lay naked, on the cold, hard concrete. Before the boots trampling session begins, it seems that Mistress left or simply forgot her sub in front the apartment. Luckily for him, he is the pretty obedient slave. That always helps, at least to speed up the action. And it is like that this time. As soon as dominatrix Kandy went out of her apartment, brutal trampling started. She mercilessly pummels his flesh with Her leather boots. Over and over She jumps on his chest. No mercy. He deserves this, and he begs Her to trample him.But stupid slave thought that this is the way to please the Mistress. He was wrong, as soon as she notices his attitude, Mistress did something he was not expecting. Suddenly, she stopped jumping on his chased and proceeded with a more brutal, and painful face trampling. Just imagine all of her weight standing on his face that is between her and hard concrete. In the two minutes long video, you can clearly see how a domestic femdom trampling session looks like. For the longer version of boots trampling here, visit this site and do some searching there. You will find some more great femdom torture and humiliation.

Boots trampling video:


Boots Trampling
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