How to bring kinks and fetishes into the bedroom

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Let’s face it, sex is boring. It’s especially boring when you have it with the same person over and over again. All of the thrills disappears. It doesn’t matter how badly you wanted to get into her pants when you first met. Now you’re married and you couldn’t care less about what she looks like naked. It’s just the way that men are wired. We were never really meant to be monogamous.

Our goal in life is to fuck as many different women as we possibly can. That’s why we focus on so hard on the hot ones. We’ll go to any length to bang them. After it happens, it’s all just meh. It’s time to move onto the next woman.

How to bring kinks and fetishes into the bedroom

Make it attractive

So, how do we survive in the modern world? We can’t just go around planting our seed in any pot that will take it anymore. We’re meant to get married and have families. Nothing could be duller. The best way to keep your sanity is to get into the weird stuff. You’ve probably already developed some fetishes all on your own. You may have even experimented with them. Well, now is the time to make them a part of your life. Introduce them to your wife and turn them into bedroom mainstays. It will improve your sex life more than you can possibly imagine. The only tough part is getting her into them in the first place. Here’s how you do it.

Start off with simple toys

You need a way to begin this whole transformation. The best way to do that is through simple toys. Don’t go out and blow a wad of money on the highest quality, most advanced version of anything. A good example is handcuffs. If you want to get yourself all cuffed up or if you want to restrain your wife, the move is the same. You could go out and buy real handcuffs for a whole lot of money. They’re made of steel and very serious looking. The second you pull those bad boys out, your wife is going to freak. It’s way too much, way too fast. You have to start off slowly.

What to buy

There are a ton of different manufacturers that make more novelty geared handcuffs. These ones can be plastic or cheaper metal. They also have safety release levers. If you lose the key or decide to cut your playtime short, the person who’s restrained can get out of them easily. It’s the best way to make her feel safe since neither of you know what you’re doing right now. They’re also much cheaper. Nothing is worse than dropping a bunch of money on something you never use.

Make it fun

Now you need to bring them up to her. That’s the most difficult part. You can’t just blurt out “Honey, I really want to bend you over and handcuff your hand behind your back so I can have my way with you!” It will only lead to an argument. The best thing is to bring it up as a joke. Use any chance you get to do it. Tell her about an article you read on the toilet. Bring it up while you’re watching a cop show or a cop movie. Bring it up as a joke like “if you don’t watch it, I’ll detain you later!” The point is to make her laugh to get her thinking about it just a little bit. Once you plant the seed, you’ll be able to move things along.

Break them out

After you’ve given her the thought, wait until the next time you’re having missionary sex in the dark. Pull out your handcuffs and bring them up again. Look at how far you took the joke! You actually got them! You’re so funny! Now you have the ability to make it all real for her. Try them out and take it easy. This isn’t time to rev your engine up, yet. You’re just getting her feet wet. Keep it extremely simple and don’t push. This is a very important part of the process and you need to tread very carefully. Listen to her and pay attention to her. Pull back the second she starts to reach her limit and go back to the usual stuff. You’ll be rewarded later.

Bring it up later on

So now you’ve brought it up to her and you’ve experimented with her. Your relationship is already getting stronger in her eyes. Now it’s time to go for broke. Pick a time a few days later to bring it up. Tell her that you actually really liked playing with the handcuffs. Tell her you’d kind of like to do it again. Then hit her with an info dump. Let her know you’ve actually been looking into the whole thing on sites that are fetish oriented. Give her the means to look it up on her own. She’ll follow suit and your sex will never be the same.

It works with everything

These tips don’t just work with handcuffs. Those were only there as a reference. It will work with anything. Just start with cheap toys, plant the seed, experiment in fun and drop the info. You’re practically guaranteed to bring fetish into the bedroom now.

How to bring kinks and fetishes into the bedroom
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