Brutal Ball Torture

Brutal ball torture and a ballbusting expert Mistress Ezada Sinn just broke the specific extreme CBT record. I doubt that Guinness would like to publish achievement like this but It is clear that she doesn’t care much about other people’s opinion. This balls slapping gallery is the proof of this kinky achievement. I mean, just look at the size of slave’s balls! Did you know that it is possible to make balls so big? I can bet that most of you still don’t believe in what you are looking at. Luckily, CBT Mistress Ezada has the skills and ways to get them there. Below is ball busting torture gallery explaining what she is doing to ensure that the result will be the balls of this size. There are three major steps.

#1 The first thing that has to be done is to secure the position of a slave. Considering that most important part is the painful ball busting, the slave has to be tied. Naturally, when men are hit in the sensitive parts of the body, they instinctively try to defend or run away.

#2 Continual ballbusting and pressure are the second significant thing. This is why slave has to be in one position, unable to resist. Having his hands locked above the head in the middle of the room seems like a good place. You will probably notice a big mirror behind him. Observation of slave’s behavior is equally important. There is no other way to see his body reaction except to place him in front of the mirror. 

#3 The third and the part you are waiting to see is the ballbusting and balls slapping. It has to be harsh and continuous. And cock torture mistress Ezada is very good at it. As she told, there is one special moment that is a turning point for getting where she planned. At that moment, the duct tape comes in. Duct tape saved so many things in everyday life but it won’t save slave’s balls, that’s for sure. Dominatrix is using it to ensure necessary pressure on slaves balls. Obviously, she is getting the great and wanted results with this strange method of fem dom torture and that is the only important thing here (except delivering serious pain to the slave

Brutal ball torture

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Brutal Ball Torture
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