Brutal Foot Domination

Brutal foot domination, today’s update is a kind of an improved footdom session. At least regarding my opinion. As I am concerned, every single foot fetish and feet worship session should end like this, with a slave in pain. But the best part of this, for some people, inappropriate content (lol, just kidding) is that three hot brutal girls are not professional Dommes. On the contrary, all three are a just regular amateur teen bitches discovering kink and beauty of female supremacy.

This means there is will be no stuff like fake big tits, expensive lightning, professional photo shooting, etc. Nope. Just a regular three cute girls telling to a guy that now they are in charge. Of course, besides only telling him, they will also show him how serious they are. 

Names of the girls are Kate, Kassandra, and Daisy. Even if they look totally sweet and young, they are actually completely ruthless with submissive men. What is interesting is that this is not a planned session. Femdom torture came naturally like the extension of the classic party chat that these girls are having at least once per week. Keep reading the text below foot BDSM photos below to find out what happened here.

Brutal foot domination

three sexy femdom goddesses

As the evening was passing, subject girls were talking about, became more serious and perspicacious. Katy, a brat blonde, initiated talk about men and girl’s domination relationship with them. They all agreed on two things. First, every one of them noticed that guys on the street are often staring at their feet when they are walking in stiletto shoes or sandals. The second, they are sharing the same opinion about males, generally. Men are pathetic and kind of inferior race. 

All this sounds like the perfect starting point for something sexy brunette femdom Goddess Daisy proposed. She remembered that there is a fat pathetic guy living very close and proposed to call him to meet them. Just as you are guessing, it didn’t take much before he showed his fat ass on their doors. But it was even faster than that when girls ordered him to take his clothes down and put a mask over his face. When he asked why he needs a mask, girls started humiliating him. Kassandra told him that he is so ugly that they don’t want to watch his face any longer. 

high heels fetish worship

Sexy Kate asked him then, why he is constantly looking at their ankles? The response was not precise. Slave started stuttering what made girls laugh at him. With all that teasing and insulting, everything looked like the ordinary slave domination and CFNM humiliation by three girls. At least in the beginning. But how time was passing, the first violent moves occurred. Seriously, their feet look irresistible in that sexy footwear and dominant girls are perfectly aware of that. So everything started when they ordered him to suck their heels. Slowly, one by one while imagining that he is giving a blowjob to someone. 

footdom slave

The fat white boy is then forced to on his back. Naked and humiliated but his dick can’t get an erection. Even if surrounded by these hot Dommes. How embarrassing. No wonder girls are constantly mocking him about dick size and basically exposing slave to small penis humiliation.

brutal foot domination

But all that is just a distraction. Girls resumed brutal foot domination by putting pressure on his balls. From a femdom CFNM teasing, the scene suddenly became a cock and balls torture playground. Now you know why it is defined as a harsh footdom and not just as a regular feet worship or soles licking session. Now he knows those female feet can be a very serious tool in rough ballbusting or femdom cock trampling torture

I am sure that next time this guy will think better when he gets a call from any other girl. 

Brutal Foot Domination
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