Bunch of Girls Teasing Naked Slave

erotic femdom

These are my beautiful girlfriends, and they came over today because they heard that you are a very submissive and receptive slave that will do absolutely anything when he is told to. So how about you get on your knees and put this sign around your head – I want everyone to know that you are a 40 year old virgin with nothing going for you except the fact that once a week, a very successful woman lets you be her slave.

Lick all of our toes and listen to our demands: if you put a foot out of line, we will be sure to push you away and treat you like the little grub you are. Women like us are important and only go for equally statured men. That’s why we think it would be a good idea if you just worshiped our feet and listened to our abuse: you need to improve your life, and one way to do that is through reinforcement of consistent verbal negativity.



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