Caning Fetish

Caning fetish is one of those that is not understandable to people, sometimes even for the people deep inside the female domination. Luckily, not everyone thinks this way and today’s photo gallery have a goal to popularize this BDSM torture method.

But before looking at the extreme hard caning gallery I’ve picked up, let’s find out something more about this torture method and its history. So, what is caning femdom fetish? Simply speaking, it is one of the most effective BDSM torture methods that can be easily performed anywhere. The only thing Mistress needs is a long cane.  From the historical point of view, canes have been used by people on the dominant and powerful positions within institutions to give punishment and judge their servants. Canes were mostly used in educational facilities, where rebellious or bad students would be subjected to hits of the cane in an attempt to fix the behaviors that were considered unacceptable. While caning in these conditions was used across many parts of the body, within the context of modern female domination and BDSM caning for the purposes of sensual satisfaction, usage of it is often limited to the slave’s ass.

The effects of a caning corporal punishment can vary, from the soft marks on the slave’s ass up to the bloody bruises that will make a slave suffer for a long time. It is up to the Mistress caning to decide how far she will go. There are only two factors involved when choosing the damage that will be delivered. The first one is the strength at the moment of impact and the second is the material of the cane used in that particular supremacy session.

Materials of the canes can be different. Usually, femdom canes are made of steel, fiberglass and mostly the wood. Wooden ones are the most widespread. (experienced Dommes even choose the type of wood depending on the desired effects). Colors are also varied, although most tend to be a solid one, with tan being the most common tone utilized. Often, you will see the dominatrix having several canes at their disposal and change their usage of each one depending on the circumstances of the scene. It is not unusual for a  Mistress in a BDSM session to ‘upgrade’ the cane they use to deliver more suffering upon their victim. The common for the most of the popular bondage sessions featuring this kind of pin fetish is that there is no sex, love, and mercy for the slaves. The main purpose is to deliver the pain under the terms Mistress announced (usually they share them on the personal website). If everything is done properly new slaves will experience extreme suffering and they will learn that this is not something to play with. It is important that a sub get a message learned with a contact with Mistress and that he brings it home with him. 

Anyway, once you have a viable explanation for what is caning torture, let’s take a look at a good example below. A small warning, this is an extreme example of femdom dungeon torture even for the caning enthusiasts. You will see that clearly in the last photo at the bottom of the page. If you are not ready for some serious suffering and bloody wounds, simply stop reading this article here. Enjoy one of the best femdom punishments photos recently published here at Femdom Destiny.

Caning Fetish gallery

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Caning Fetish
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