Trampling Archive

Trampling fetish is one of the kinkiest in the world of foot domination. To make it easier for understanding, from now on, we are going to use term footdom, instead of foot domination. Anyway, trampling is all about hot and dominant girls standing all over the slave and putting pressure on his body with all of their weight. Depending on the skills and personal preferences, some girls love to stand on slave’s face, chest or back.Te worst option for a slave is to be trampled all over his face (small surface and a big pressure). But probably the most effective trampling sessions are those where there are two or sometimes three girls standing on the slave while he is suffering at the floor. Things are getting even more painful and humiliating when girls are wearing stiletto shoes. You can clearly see the red marks and bruises left from their heels once they are finished with trampling torture session. We can definitely call this female domination method “torture” because suffering can be strong and pain almost unbearable.

Domestic Fem Dom Trampling

Domestic femdom trampling is one of the favorite methods for these two young and sexy German girls. Both of them are pretty young, probably somewhere about high school age but that is not stopping them …

Trampling In Fishnet Pantyhose

After some initial cock torture, Mistress Tangent in tan fishnet pantyhose started trampling male slave all over his body while ordering him to suck her pantyhose feet.  

Dirty Toes Licking And Trampling

Blond dominatrix with the gorgeous body  tramples submissive guy into tears and ordering him to lick her dirty naked feet. CLICK HERE FOR MORE TRAMPLED SLAVES  

Domestic Trampling Video

Princess Dakota is an incredible trampler. It comes from her belief that all men should be under her heels. She struts into the room dressed in a bikini top, cut-off jean shorts and the filthiest …

Two Mistresses Trampling

Double facesitting and double trampling humiliation of femdom slave by two young and hot mistresses. CLICK HERE FOR MORE YOUNG MISTRESSES FOOTDOM

Domestic Trampling Torture

Blonde dominatrix in black leather pants and boots, is using stairways at her home to trample slave and force him lick her boots soles. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FOOT DOMINATION

Outdoor Trampling Photos

After brutal and painful whipping of naked male slave tied to a tree, sexy young domme in blue dress and high heels, trampled him in this free outdoor femdom trampling photo gallery. CLICK HERE FOR …

Teen Femdom Trampling

It is always nice to see young girl ready to become real dominatrix.On free femdom trampling photo gallery below, you can see cute British teen trampling slave all over his body. CLICK HERE FOR MORE …

Schoolgirl Trampling Slave

Young and dominant teen in schoolgirl uniform spitting into salve’s mouth before she start trampling his face with the weight of her body.

Smoking Mistress Trampling

Smoking hot bitch with big tits in short skirt smoking while trampling slave’s body and face in this free outdoor female domination trampling gallery. VISIT THIS FEMDOM SITE

Trampling Goddess Femdom

Rough beauty wearing spike heels walks all over her writhing slave’s body and his pathetic cock. CBT trampling femdom goddess photos. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS FOOTDOM SITE

Group Trampling Femdom

On their own each girl doesnt weigh a whole lot. But when the three of them together are standing on the slave, he starts to realize that his bones are enduring quite a bit of …

Femdom Teen Trampling

Dressed in red nylon stockings, cute femdom teen (with a help from another young femdom dominatrix in black latex pants) is trampling and smothering depraved femdom slave. VISIT YOUNG FEMDOM FOR MORE

Mistress Trampling Slave

Dark haired dominatrix in sexy red latex dress and high heels shoes trampling naked male femdom slave have no chance saving himself under mistress’s pedicured feet. VISIT THIS FEMDOM SITE

Face Trampling Torture

Two sexy and young German femdom mistresses trampling older guys in their hotel room. Face and body trampling torture of depraved fat slave. VISIT THIS FEMDOM SITE

Face Trampling

Barefoot trample is the favorite femdom torture method for a Mistress Melissa. She is a young Domme and as every naturally dominant woman, she is always looking for new methods and experiences. Recently, Miss Melissa …

Pantyhose Feet Trampling

Young Dominatrix, Princess Kali dressed in black pantyhose, high heels and long dress is trampling naked male slave. Free foot domination gallery by princess Kali. VISIT THIS SITE

Trampling in Boots

Sexy girl dressed in dark jeans and very interesting turquoise boots trampling young guy and forcing him to lick her dirty boots soles. VISIT THIS FOOT DOMINATION SITE

Erotic Trampling

Sexy little domme may not weigh much, but she still definitely gets the job done. Erotic femdom trampling by this teen dominatrix over pathetic footdom slave. VISIT THIS FEMDOM SITE

Young Trampling Mistress

Young and dominant girl in tight shorts dominating her slave with her feet.trampling and feet humiliation photo gallery. VISIT YOUNG FEMDOM WEBSITE

Lezdom Trampling

Sexy amateur lezdom mistress is forcing two female slaves to lick her naked and sweaty feet but only after she finished humiliation lezdom trampling session over them. VISIT THIS SITE

Sadistic Trampling

Brutal and sadistic sisters are punishing their male slave! First they chain his arms and legs behind his back so he can’t move away anymore, then they push him on the ground and start to …

White Stockings Trampling

Brunette dominatrix with a a smile on her face dressed in white nylon stockings and high heels, brutally trampling naked male slave. Those pretty black high heels Pepper is wearing sure do leave deep marks on …

Double Domme Trample in Boots

Trampling Princess Kali and Her hot friend Miss Lilly stomp and trample Their stiletto boots all over a slut’s back! VISIT THIS SITE

Trampling in Office

Trampling in office you are looking at is the logical result of what just happened. Just take a look at the first photo where a sexy boss in nylon stockings is standing on the ladders. …

Bound Slave Trampled

Tape gagged sex slave is trampled by femdom mistress in nylons pantyhose. Pantyhose humiliation. VISIT THIS SITE