Trampling Archive

Trampling fetish is one of the kinkiest in the world of foot domination. To make it easier for understanding, from now on, we are going to use term footdom, instead of foot domination. Anyway, trampling is all about hot and dominant girls standing all over the slave and putting pressure on his body with all of their weight. Depending on the skills and personal preferences, some girls love to stand on slave’s face, chest or back.Te worst option for a slave is to be trampled all over his face (small surface and a big pressure). But probably the most effective trampling sessions are those where there are two or sometimes three girls standing on the slave while he is suffering at the floor. Things are getting even more painful and humiliating when girls are wearing stiletto shoes. You can clearly see the red marks and bruises left from their heels once they are finished with trampling torture session. We can definitely call this female domination method “torture” because suffering can be strong and pain almost unbearable.

Bound Slave Trampled

Tape gagged sex slave is trampled by femdom mistress in nylons pantyhose. Pantyhose humiliation. VISIT THIS SITE

Mistresses Trampling and Whipping Slave

Almost naked male submissive slave beeing trampled by 2 mistresses in high heels. Trampling video. VISIT THIS SITE

Brutal Cock Trampling

Brutal cock trampling performed by police woman in leather boots with high heels – free cock trampling gallery. VIST THIS SITE

Trampling Cuckold Mistress

Femdom sex mistress fucking one guy while she tramples other slave on floor. She is dressed in black nylon stockings  whole teasing pathetic hubby idiot. VISIT THIS SITE

Trampling in Stockings

Blonde femdom trampling mistress in stockings trampling male slave – femdom trampling gallery. VISIT THIS FOOTDOM SITE

Barefeet Trampling

Sexy trampling mistress dominating femdom slave with her feet (trampling and feet worship gallery). VISIT THIS SITE

Mistress in Jeans Trampling

Mistress trampling a slave is, more or less, a pretty standard procedure in the cruel and humiliating world of footdom. This time is no different except one thing and that is that I’ve never seen …

Double Trampling

Two amateur trampling bitches in jeans trampling femdom slave on the ground. Double trampling. VISIT THIS TRAMPLING SITE

Jodhpur Femdom

Jodhpur Femdom fetish is not for everyone. I’ve learned that usually, people who like classy things are often looking for the Jodhpur femdom stuff. Considering that this is a very specific niche, the results are …

Trampling in Leggings

Blonde footdom mistress in boots and  tight leggings trampling naked male slave. Femdom slave is brutal trampled as soon as this sexy Russian femdom trampling mistress entered apartment. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM TRAMPLING