CBT Domination

CBT domination is the form of femdom torture where the main object is slave’s cock and balls. Depending on the Mistresse’s preference, she can concentrate her rage on balls or cock, whatever she likes more. You are about to see one of the sexiest Dommes today, Mistress Alexandra Snow,  in the erotic female domination and balls torture. For those not familiar with the femdom slang, balls kicking is called ballbusting. 

I would also say that this is a great combination of foot domination and ball busting. Even if this is one of the longer femdom videos in cock and ball torture category, the whole session is much longer than you will expect. I had a chance to watch CBT video in full HD and I think it is one of the top rated femdom videos recently. Considering the place where this guy is getting his BDSM femdom experience, I will designate it as a domestic female domination niche.

Beauty and the natural instinct for female domination are always a killer combination. Goddess Alexandra Snow has it both and that always results in the hard sexual humiliation of men. Knowing what she is capable of doing to her men slaves, even if the slave will end ruined on the floor, this is just a pastime and kind of diversion for her. You can see what happened to some other Goddess Alexandra Snow femdom slaves and then you will figure out that this is just the game. Still, a very cruel and painful one but that is something that is considered normal for a real Dominatrix. My favorite part is the one where she is sitting below the slave and where he is ordered to stand aligned to her knee. A very interesting approach to the ballbusting torture that we are not seeing so often. There is a small distance between her leg and his genitals but the hit coming from this is very strong and devastating for the sub. Just sit back, relax and take a look how she is handling this guy. Don’t forget to turn up the volume to hear her smiling and to feel the power of her kicks in the groin. 

CBT domination video



CBT Domination
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