CBT Hot Wax Torture

CBT hot wax is the rare method but still used by some of the Goddesses when they want to deliver some serious damage to the slave. Mistress R’eal is one of those cruel and strict bitches who gets motivation proportional to the pain slave is feeling. So the hot candle wax sounds as a pretty good idea for today. but there is one difference compared to her previous cock and balls torture sessions. This time Miss Rea’l won’t be alone. Unfortunately for a slave, that means a double dosage of suffering. Blonde Goddess, Miss Deelight is her partner for today. A good choice!

On the verge of bursting to cum, the slave is secured to the bondage chair, then teased and tormented, before Goddesse seals up his leaky cock toy with hot wax. Great amusement for the Mistresses, but their new slave is certainly not laughing! Two candles will give more than enough hot wax to make him beg and scream. Especially when they come to his genitals. But they did it slowly, to make him understand what is going to happen. At some point, the stupid guy tried to resist and eventually escape. But all of his efforts went to shit because of a strength of the leather restraints. At that point, he had to accept that he will have to watch his own dick getting some cock waxing. 

I know that many of you will be hypnotized with Mistresses natural big tits but do not forget to pay attention to the great job Goddesses did with the tied slave and cock and ball torture. What would I simply love to see is what will happen if they force him to ejaculate with his dickhole corked with a wax? Just try to imagine that kind of cum shot video footage. I hope that experienced kinky CBT Goddesses already have such idea that will be realized soon!

CBT hot wax torture

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CBT Hot Wax Torture
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