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CBT Pics created inside the dark dungeon of the English Mansion are usually some of the best you can find. This time it is no different. Especially considering who is in charge for this slave’s genitals. Even if the accent is on the penis torture and extreme CBT, I couldn’t avoid placing at least one photo of a Dominatrix. And you all know her, this is Mistress Sidonia Von Bork. Just that name will make you scared if you are already into the femdom CBT fetish.  If somehow (which really sounds unbelievable) you forgot her brutal female domination sessions, check out this reminder with a slave locked in a humbler

Even if there is no blood on the cock torture photos below, I believe that this is one of the most painful scenes recently. You will be convinced after looking at CBT video available at her site. Anyway, one of the best ways to control men is to control their cocks. With a special device intended for a cock and ball torture, the slave is tied in an unexpected way. His cock is padlocked and then tied to the device. Interestingly, the dick was soft all the time until the moment of cock stretching came.

Once Dominatrix started pulling it up, it was clear that a slave is getting an erection. Good for him! Many of the guys react this way what you probably saw in the some of the CBT videos. Still, it was interesting to watch it from the close and measure the relation between pain and the erection. 

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Cruel Dominatrix Femdom CBT slave CBT pics brutal cock stretching

Goddess Sidonia VOn Bork is famous because she is never leaving things unfinished. That rule applies once again. After placing a strong knot around slave’s balls she is about to make slave cum. The mixture of various feelings (pain, humiliation, pleasure)resulted in a solid amount of sperm going out. Much more than she was expecting considering that his balls are tied. But that is the beauty of femdom practice, you can learn something new with every new session. 

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CBT Pics
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