CFNM Facesitting

CFNM facesitting scene you are about so is happening in a totally unexpected place. There is a certain level of sexuality always involved between man and women in their offices but this is really going to be something special and worth of remembering.

The nature of CFNM femdom is dictating that submissive side must be naked while dominant girls should be totally dressed. That’s fine except this time one of the CFNM femdoms has to be naked. The reason for that is that this is the only way to get a top rated ass licking what is the final goal of the session. Having submissive guy humiliated in the process is, of course, implied.

CFNM Facesitting in office

office slave humiliation

Before putting him in the face sitting position, all of the girls took off their sexy shoes so the slave can show them some respect by licking and sniffing them. Nothing extreme, just a regular procedure these three kinky femdom bitches consider a natural introduction into CFNM facesitting porn you are about to see. Simply speaking, a small dosage of foot fetish and forced femdom foot worship cannot do harm and it is always welcomed to be seen.

make that arse wet, bitch!

But let’s go to the “real deal”. Before smothering him with that perfectly shaped ass, horny girls decided to make a slave lick that ass. Or to be more precise, to stick a tongue inside the anal hole and get a real taste of a female anus. Dommes believe that this is a life-changing experience for every guy out there.

There is a special kind of smell always there when you are in the proximity of a female ass. If you ever had a chance to enjoy it, you know that it will make the most impotent man to instantly get a big dick.  Similar applies to the pussy licking and wet pussy eating but let’s leave that for some other time, ok?

CFNM facesitting

OK, so once all three girls agreed it is time, pure CFNM started. With his face buried into that sexy butt, femdom facesitting is getting more and more violent. It didn’t take long before slave’s neck started hurting from all that pressure girls are applying. Compared to other exclusive content high quality femdoms facesit fetish photos here on Femdom Destiny, the difference with this one is obvious. Instead of the regular “pinning down”, this one is helped by the muscle strength of two more girls. This is not leaving any chance for a slave to resist. His best choice is to try t save some air and pray that this type of rough sex won’t last long.

butt smothering humiliation

While you watch CFNM face sitting pics above, you will see some natural tits and a hairy pussy. Oh God, I love seeing real women instead of more and more new girls in xxx movies and porn videos. I am telling for so many years now that being natural is one of the most important things withing female domination. Slaves will easily feel if a girl is a fake one and not really into female supremacy. I will soon write an article on this subject so stay tuned. Until then, enjoy this ass worship and facesitting threesome debauchery!

CFNM Facesitting
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