CFNM Meaning Explanation

CFNM meaning and the purpose of CFNM domination will be explained best on the concrete example in this article. Considering that you are looking an precise answer to what is CFNM as a slang term, I suggest is to read this article and take a look at CFNM wife humiliation photos below. I can bet that some of you are just about to find your new favorite fetish niche.

As you could search and find on other sites, CFNM is the abbreviation and stands for Clothed Female Naked Male. At first look, this phrase doesn’t tell much except if you are already into this kinky activity and porn fetish. A top CFNM definition would be closely related to the female domination. It is much younger fetish than femdom but still very popular in female supremacy community. The main feature that is characteristic of this type of content is that males always ends humiliated while dominant girls are staying dressed. That way, they are indirectly saying to the dominated men that they are irrelevant for the girls and that males are there just for fun. At the same time, dominant kinky bitches are teasing them and leading to an orgasm.

Now, it depends will they allow the slave to cum or they will deny the orgasm and ruin slave’s arousal and pleasure completely. There are various scenarios related to this niche. It depends on what you are looking for but some of the common situations are office humiliation of a naked male, CFNM abusing of a guy in school, medical exams and hospital tests but you should also expect to find some more “ordinary” and everyday stuff. Have you ever seen a naked male humiliated in public

Besides mentioned naked male humiliation episodes, it is not uncommon to find even more kinky stuff. For example, one of those is a young girl and her mom handjob of girl’s boyfriend. Totally, unexpected, disgraceful but it will make you cum just like that pathetic guy did in front of the self-confident mature woman that he will have to meet almost every day. 

I hope you are getting a better idea now of CFNM meaning with the examples below. Personally, I mostly like scenarios where there is at least female naked. Usually, that happens on the CFNM parties. Still, that is a personal opinion. As long as there are a nude male and a fully clothed kinky female in front of him, the fun (at least for the girls) is guaranteed. This reminded me to one of the  CFNM galleries (POV style) here on Femdom Destiny that will put you in the position of a naked guy in front of his dominant boss

As mentioned up, usually guys are forced to jerk their cocks in front of the girls but sometimes females can stroke his dick. Considering how horny guys are at that point, it doesn’t take much before they cum all over. Some of the luckiest will have a chance for some sex and to dip their dicks inside horniest girls. But don’t expect to find that very often. This fetish is not about pornography but more about female supremacy and clothed female domination. Have I mentioned that slave’s privacy is totally ruined because their photos are often published online, like the extension of their humiliation? I know that this can be much info if you are new and looking for CFNM meaning. To be sure that you completely understand this fetish, I think that you should gradually check all mentioned things. Because of that, take a look at the domination photos below.

For the moment, there are only two clothed girls in charge of the guy. The best thing is that a slave is actually a husband from a sexy brunette Elaine. He is anticipating her return home. This is also a good example of a kinky real femdom marriage where a husband can’t ask his wife where she is going or when she will come back. He never knows what the evening will have in store. And tonight she’s returned from shopping with her sexy friend Catherine. As soon as they walk in there he is stark naked with his big fat cock and heavy balls in full view. He’s at their service, but the domineering women are intent on mocking, humiliating and punishing this lowly creature. After a few slaps to his ugly face, it was clear to him how the rest of the evening will look like. Female will remain clothed in their tight sexy black dresses while the white male skin of a naked slave will make a contrast to this extraordinary scene. 

CFNM meaning – photo examples

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CFNM Meaning Explanation
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