CFNM Torture

CFNM torture, by definition, should be something between torture femdom and CFNM embarrassment. The goal of today’s exclusive content photo update is to build a bridge between softer category like CFNM and encourage people into this fetish to go further, toward more humiliating and painful methods of femdom.

I know that many hardcore femdom fetish lovers will never consider CFNM humiliation to be an integral part of the female domination, or at least what they consider femdom. But I can’t agree on that. Some of the simplest things like CFNM handjob humiliation are actually the entrance into the kinky world of female supremacy. Maybe those people are forgetting that is not so easy to let yourself and accept that you are turned on by dominant females and pain. CFNM is an ideal starting point because of all of the best CFNM scenarios contain clean elements of femdom. Even if that is only verbal humiliation or teasing, you can’t deny it. 

So I wanted to find the best way to describe mentioned above and started for a suitable CFNM femdom scene. Then I remembered that I’ve recently noticed amateur anal video featuring two office CFNM femdoms and It didn’t take long to find it. Notice that these are video captures from, I would dare to say, porn video but photos are still great and they will ideally show the kinky situation happening to the helpless guy. At the same time, today’s CFNM torture will fit a series of office female domination many of you love to watch so much.

So what is going on here and how young slave boy ended in CFNM threesome? The first thing is that he should listen to what other, more experienced people are talking. He started working in the new company recently and some things were strange since the beginning. He noticed that most of the guys are trying to avoid going to the marketing department. Strange, considering that this is basically the main activity and a very important part of the business. The second thing he should know is that curiosity can be a dangerous thing. However, he is about to learn this in the hardest possible way. 

Anal CFNM torture

office handjob

After getting a chance to go into the marketing office, he immediately accepted motivated by the wish to see what is going there. Actually, in the beginning, everything seemed just fine. Two hot and playful girls in tight skirts and nylon pantyhose seems like the real refreshment. At some point, girls started flirting and seducing him. He was honored thinking that this is finally a proof that he is something special. His ego started growing after all those nice words coming from the girls.

Minute after a minute, no one was talking about the job and the whole atmosphere inside the room became sexually explosive. Still, shy by nature, he didn’t do anything so girls took the thing in their hand, literally. After taking his taking his dick and locking the doors, the naive guy thought that dream about threesome will about to come true. Especially once girls made him lay down on his back. His big cock was never so big. Everything seemed like a thing he loves to watch in xxx movies (big tits, sexy blonde, big dick, two girls, spontaneous sex, etc).

But the moment of sobering is about to happen. What he first noticed is that Anna and Maria are a well-organized team. Then he spotted that they are too close to his arse. Still, it is a sensitive spot and girls know that very well so he let them do it. But the major turn was when he noticed that one of them is firmly keeping his legs up. He tried to resist but, like some kind of a bug, being on the back is drastically reducing the chance for resistance and defense. Obviously, that was their goal since the beginning.

CFNM torture

Now when they have him when they always wanted, torture porn starts. Slave’s huge cock suddenly started losing his size, as soon as he started feeling that Mistress is slowly touching entrance of his ass. He was still hoping this is part of at least some kind of femdom milking but once again, he is wrong!

Sexy girls enjoy the day and there is no indication that pure CFNM action will be finished soon. At first, he thought that girls will put some butt plug inside his ass so he tried to resist and make it hard to penetrate inside. Oh what a mistake, more he is refusing to open anal hole, more violent girls are. Instead of one finger, Anna started using three to enter his anus! If he continues this way, it can end in brutal femdom fisting torture instead of CFNM fingering, only.

CFNM fingering

Well, that’s something that simply can’t be stopped. Yes, it hurts and it feels terrible but he almost asked for this to happen, right? What dominant girls see as a high quality fun, for this guy, it is a terrifying CFNM torture anal violation. I guess both of them are in right, it is just a matter on what end you are, lol.
harsh femdom anal domination

Considering expression on his face, I would say that this one more of those successful CFNM stories. If I could, I would gladly give a piece of advice to this lucky guy. What happened here is not so bad as he thinks at this moment. Losing anal virginity is nothing compared to what these two hot chicks are ready to do ( forced sucking cock, double penetration, cock torture, public sex, etc) so he should be careful next time. 

After sensation of CFNM punishment and shivering or hiss asshole stop, he will remember why other guys were reluctant to come to this office.

CFNM Torture
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