Chastity Cum Video

Chastity cum is the method “patented” by Mistress Marley. She can be very sweet but also very sadistic when she is fed up with nagging slaves wanting to cum. I am considering her a real expert in chastity femdom techniques and obviously, she is improving her skills in this field. Not that she is not good in other things, but from some reason, Mistress Marley is often related to chastity slaves humiliation.

As mentioned above, chastity cum is the new method she is testing. For that, Mistress Marley obtained a suitable slave that was already tested in her previous cock control sessions. What you are just about to see (and enjoy) in a video below is her slave locked in a new electroshock chastity cage. She is training him for a life of 24-7 permanent chastity. The slave must learn how to cum while in the cage if he ever wants an orgasm again. Ultimately he will be trained to ejaculate with only via the remote control stim box. For his first session, Mistress raises the electricity higher and high building his tolerance and encouraging him to be sexually excited about his cocks new home. Mistress Marley manually milks his cock in the cage with a vibrator for an explosive orgasm.

What is liked is how she is combining pain and the pleasure. Just look at her and how gentle he is touching slave’s balls before she starts with electro shocks. While she is gently cuddling his testicles, she is whispering and talking seductively. There is no man that could stay immune to her seduction skills and the way this dominatrix looks. She took care abut everything that can a guy horny. Leather boots, stockings, tight latex costume and she even pulled out her tits. 

Chastity cum control video:


Chastity Cum Video
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