Chastity Teasing Video

Chastity teasing video featuring young and beautiful cruel girlfriend Princess Maxie will leave you breathless if you are into tease and denial and femdom chastity fetishes. The video is recorded ina classic femdom point of view style where person watching it is placed in the position of a chastity slave. 

You will now have a chance to totally get into the role of a submissive guy of a pathetic guy in love with this kinky dominant girl. As every self-confident and aware woman. Mistress Maxie enjoys controlling men through seduction, teasing, and sexual energy exchange. She is an expert in cock tease, cuckold chastity, chastity release but also in ruined orgasm fetish. This means that she has a well-established methodology of bringing slaves into the state of humiliation, loss of control and sexual degradation.

You should consider yourself honored for being able to follow her instructions and being slowly led into orgasm from evil Mistress. But let’s go one step at the time. Below is one of the best free porn videos recently in the category of a femdom chastity cock tease. Before you start to watch chastity tease tube, I will suggest reading description available below the tease denial video.

Chastity Teasing Video

This is what cute brat brunette Domme, Miss Maxie is saying and explaining. You are literally about to see a seduction lesson. I can bet that many of you wankers actually never had a chance to be tempted by a hot and sexy woman, right?

Before we start dating you need to show yourself to me by going into the chastity. If you show me that you’d do this for me and prove to me that you love me so much that you’d stay in chastity for me I’ll know you’re the kind of guy I can date. While you’re in ‘Chastity Boot Camp’ there will be no touching yourself, no icky erections and definitely no cumming but don’t worry you’re not going to have to go through this on your own.

I’ll come over to visit you every day so you can perfect your oral technique – I only date guys who are total experts at making me cum with their tongues. You’ll be teased – I need to be sure you can control yourself even when you’re being mercilessly tormented by my perfect body while you’re helplessly caged away in chastity.

Only when I’m convinced you have accepted chastity will I allow you to take me out to a date – your treat of course.


Aww look at your tiny dick all locked away in chastity – you really are willing to do absolutely anything I say just for the opportunity to take me out on a date aren’t you? You’re so hopeless to have me on your arm as we walk into a club together that you actually agreed to have your penis imprisoned.

Just think about that for a second – do you seriously think that’s the kind of man I want to date? A guy who lets a woman put him into chastity? No sissy – the kind of guys I date would NEVER allow that to happen to their dicks. Understand this wimp – you’re going to remain in Chastity Boot Camp for the rest of your life. I’m keeping the key and I’m going to date real men – your treat of course!

Chastity Teasing Video
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