Cocktrampling is a derivation and basically a new word coming from cock and trampling. That was logical, right? But the pain coming from this femdom torture method can be illogical to those who never experienced something like this. Basically, ball trample and cocktrampling demands experienced Dominatrix who knows when to stop to avoid permanent damage to the genitals. No one wants to ruin slave in just one session, right?

Mistress Lady Renee is one of those Dommes with tons of experience in cock and balls torture and rough sex games. This is why you are looking at a special device made for cock crush and ball trample she has at her disposal. Once attached to the slave’s body, there is nothing that can save him except the mercy of a redhead Goddess. But she is not there to be merciful so you are about to witness one of the most painful CBT torture methods. Personally, I believe that this way of slave disciplining should be more popular with women. Even without special tools, a dominant female can always place a sub on the floor. At that point it is just a question will she trample him with bare feet or something else. As you see in the painful CBT photos below, this goddess decided to combine two ways. She is standing on slave’s poor dick in black leather boots but after some time, Mistress moved to trample in nylon stockings. Probably most of the men know how pleasurable can be to feel sheer nylons on your cock but I doubt that this guy actually feels anything considering the amount of pressure and hard boot soles.

Cocktrampling Mistress

genitals trampling torture Mistress Rene in stockingscocktrampling in boots balls trampling in nylons

There is an HD video available so you can watch cock trampling session in a full length in the member zone of this site. Click on any of the photos above to get there and prepare yourself for some seriously fucked up things in combination with epic female beauty and cruelty. 

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