Crossdresser Forced Bi

Crossdresser forced bi is a special form of sissy training. Usually, this is the last stage in the humiliating process of sissification where the goal is to totally transform slave into a sissy slut. Is there a better way than to make him do what other girls are doing so often. I am talking about giving a real, wet blowjob to a man. Only after this mindblowing experience where a submissive slave is forced into blowing a dick, we can talk about a complete cycle of a crossdresser transformation.

Even if it is not physically violent or demanding, sucking other guy’s dick is leaving deep marks on the crossdressing sissy and his psyche. Once a slave feels a cock inside his mouth, his perception of sexuality is changed, completely. There is no going back and it will often result in total humiliation, even making some guys crying. But as mentioned, once done, there is nothing they can do. 

Many women in female domination know this very well and they love to practice this method. What I wasn’t expecting is that mature Dominatrix, Mistress Strapon Jane is into this type of oral sex fetish humiliation. We all got used to watching her in hard strap on scenes or famous session where sissy gets hard strap on fucking but that’s usually it. It seems that she is spreading her area of expertise and that is always a great thing to see.

Crossdresser Forced Bi

Mistress Jane

On the sissy crossdresser photos below, the first thing you will notice is that Mistress Jane is not dressed as usual. She loves wearing stockings, high heels, lingerie, fishnet stockings, and a similar thing. What you will also notice that she is not having a strapon dildo at her disposal. She is even wearing regular everyday pants although people into the kinky fem dom jeans fetish are going to love it.

This means only one and that she planned cross dresser forced bi porn and that she wants to enjoy it without any kind of distraction. 

Crossdresser Forced Bi

Straight to the action, Mistress already tied a sissy maid fully dressed in a maid uniform. Tan nylon stockings, suspenders, and a full costume, everything is there and the only thing missing is a peace of a meat to be sucked. No problem with that, the sissy boy is about to get it. 

Goddess Jane introduced another guy, a gay crossdresser who will be the one responsible for the forced bi porn experience of a tied sissy faggot. 

forced bisex blowjob

In essence, the task is simple. She wants to watch crossdresser forced into sex slave relationship where he has to satisfy another guy. The best part of these kinds of forced to suck scenarios is that it is not possible to fake anything. On the contrary, Goddess can easily see is he sucking it good enough. If a small penis doesn’t become a big dick after a blowjob, this means that sissy slave is not doing it right.

Of course, there is a penalty for a miserable performance and sissy hubby is warned about the consequences. Dominatrix explained to him that if he doesn’t make big dick with a long boner she will get back to other room and come back with strapon. 

crossdresser sucking dick

Knowing what she is capable of doing to her anal slaves, being forced into pleasing other guys suddenly doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Hearing Mistress threatening with a brutal strapon pegging revenge motivated this miserable cock sucker to literally ask for more, lol. 

Anyway, I encourage you to leave a comment about your personal femdom group sex experiences and tell us how does it feel to suck a dick like in real porn movies. Oh yes, don’t bother to leave links to useless porn videos like many people ate trying to do, totally ignoring Femdom Destiny privacy and parental control guideline. Cheers!

Crossdresser Forced Bi
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