Cruel Goddess Whipping Torture

Cruel goddess title needs to be deserved. If someone deserves it, it is Mistress Akella. This divine dominatrix is from London. The stunning Baltic ex-model has been living BDSM for many years and is experienced in total mental domination as well as in corporal punishment. It sounds impossible, but Mistress Akella has become even more beautiful in the last year. Her sexy long legs make every man falling down to his knees and the way she makes a male suffer while she smiles at him is peerless. You can follow Miss Akella on her twitter profile by clicking here and there you will constantly get new updates about her whereabouts.

In her countless femdom adventures, there are really many things that are seriously painful and brutal. This experienced blonde dominatrix is a real expert in various methods of female domination. I am talking about stuff like ballbusting, brutal slave beating, strapon anal domination and much more. But there is the one really special thing that she likes to do to her slaves. I am talking about whipping torture. From some reason, this is the method that this cruel goddess is using every time she has a chance to do it. Below, you can see some of the great and high-quality photos made during one of those femdom whipping sessions. Dressed in leather and armed with a long whip, her slave is about to meet the real pain unleashed by this glorious dominatrix. There is a full-length video available at her site. Just look at the facial expression of a guy while he is being whipped. That is not acting, this is how the real face in agony looks like. At the same time, Mistress Akella’s face is totally calm and peaceful. She is not showing any kind of emotion even if it is obvious that she is full of hate toward the men. Otherwise, it is not possible to do a brutal and painful whipping torture.

Cruel Goddess Mistress Akella:

Mistress Akella

femdom whipping torture

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Cruel Goddess Whipping Torture
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