Cruel Woman Whipping

Cruel woman whipping helpless slave might seem like something simple and easy. Majority of the people believe that hard whipping sessions are some of the simplest to perform compared to the other types and techniques of femdom torture.

They think that it is enough just to place slave in suitable whipping torture position and then hit him as hard as possible. Oh, if you are one of those people then you should know that this is simply not true. A proper bondage femdom fetish whipping is much more than that. This kinky whip domination gallery below will try to explain to you why is that.

Cruel Woman Whipping

Before starting whipping punishment, blonde Dominatrix is checking the slave’s back. You can see her inspecting the current condition of his body. The reason for that is that she wants to compare it later once painful whipping is finished. It is kind of a before and after comparison. The trick is that Goddess Courtney only values this as a proof. The reason for that is her experience. She already ruined tons of slaves until now and some of them will scream, fall to their knees or even loose conciseness before she is finished. Simply speaking, there are different pain tolerance levels so the only way when she will be happy is when there are enough bloody bruises to be seen.

Goddess examining slave

What you have already noticed (except that perfectly shaped butt in black fishnets) is another slave in prison clothes humbly standing and looking at the floor. He doesn’t have permission to watch BDSM bondage femdom torture scene even if he is basically part of it. But he can definitely hear brutal whips and screams of a dude tied with a chain.

Even if a Dominatrix didn’t say anything explicitly, he knows that if he even tries to watch, he will be next for the hardcore whip punishment. So the best thing he can currently do is to stay silent until Mistress orders him to something. His current role is to keep one of the Domme’s favorite tools. And just to be clear, his age won’t save him from pain in case Mistress decides to take him under her control. For her, all men are the same. She is not making a difference in social status, age, size or anything else. 

brutal femdom whipping

The main advantage of having a slave tied to his hands this way is that Dominatrix can punish and whip him from any angle she wants. Smart, isn’t’ it? It is much better than having him laid on his stomach because of this way, Goddess can hit him from the front if she finds necessary to do it ( for example, to correct the posture)

Blonde Dominatrix in black fishnets

Even if this kind of slave abusing isn’t what I call extreme whipping torture, it is more than enough for a weak sub. Experienced whipstress knows when it is enough so she unlocked his arms and let slave fall on his knees. But does that means she will stop with her favorite type of femdom humiliation? 

Of course not, Goddess resumed circling around her pray while delivering harsh hits all over his tired body. This is one of the sexiest ladies whipping and mistress whipping scenes recently and a great example of a successful cruelty session. Hopefully, next time Goddess will get him out to the outdoor whip disciplining, of course, once he regains some power and be able to stand on his feet again. 

Cruel woman whipping

Cruel Woman Whipping
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