Cruel Women Whipping

Cruel women whipping slave scene you are about to see is one more of many examples of how young cruel ladies can ruin submissive man without even going out of the apartment. This is a perfect example of amateur domestic female domination torture published with the intention to encourage other girls to try their femdom skills.

In this particular case, Goddess Platinum and Princess Mia are joining their efforts in this hard whipping session. This is not some kind of femdom training and there is no precise demand dominant girls are asking from a slave. This is pure and genuine femdom torture and slave abusing done simply to show a slave they can do whatever they want with his body.

Cruel women whipping slave

cruel women whipping

The only thing I am sorry for is that femdom slave is kneeling on the soft surface instead of something hard and painful. But it doesn’t matter because cruel women whipping will make it up for it what you can clearly see by the number of different leather tools (whips and paddles) waiting to be tested and used. Slave’s face is positioned toward the wall so he can look at them before feeling them all over his fat body.

And being fat seems like a pretty good motivation for Dommes to totally ruin him and keep whipping without showing a sign of slowing down! Hit after hit, slave can’t withstand it anymore so he is starting to scream. Unfortunately for him, screaming will just additionally motivate BDSM whipping Mistresses to continue this way.

Extreme whipping resumes and it seems that brutal whipping session will never end. Actually, kinky blonde mistress got a top rated idea of climbing on his already damaged back and then resume cruel whipping of slave from there. Not only that it is letting her have a better view of the slave’s body but Mistress is also using high heels to trample slave and deliver some more suffering and pain for him. How cool is that?

dominatrix trampling naked guy

But the best part is always the end. I had a chance to watch a full HD video of genuine sadistic whipping session from the beginning till the very end. What you can’t see (at least not with all those details) is how a slave is obviously and suddenly losing all his strength and power to stay in position femdom whipping Mistresses demanded from him. 

You can see him lying with a face down on the whipping BDSM photo below. His defeat was imminent from the beginning and lying down without conciseness is a proof of female victory over men. I had a feeling that nasty Dommes were expecting that he will manage to endure a little bit more so they stayed slightly disappointed for not having a chance to all canes and whips they were planning to. Anyway, there will more chances in the future to do it so eventually, whipstresses left him lying on the ground without even looking at his new condition.

brutal femdom torture

Bloody red marks and bruises over his back and ass will tell you how merciless Goddesses are and how serious they are taking the role of femdom disciplinarians!

Cruel Women Whipping
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