Cuckold Facesitting

Cuckold facesitting humiliation seems like the more advanced version of a classic cuckolding. In short, it is not just enough to watch a girlfriend sucking and fucking other guy but it has to be done from the most humiliating position. Sitting on slave’s ass while giving a blowjob is really a special kind of pleasure. First, it is giving a feeling of warm under domme’s ass and second, it is making a slave to very close to the action while feeling some physical pain, too. That mixture of mental and physical humiliation is something this guy on te facesitting cuckold femdom photos will have to go through right now.

With a blue tight leather skirt and a brown stocking, kinky brunette girlfriend looks seriously seductive and hot. No wonder that a guy waiting to fuck her is nervous but willing to do whatever she tells him. At first, he was confused to come and fuck her when he heard that her husband is at home. But it didn’t take long to accept her call. It only takes a second to look at her perfectly shaped body and a decision was made.

Once they are all in place, cuckold slut ordered her husband to put his face on the sofa. She doesn’t want to loose time and as soon as she places her sexy ass on his face, she started sucking other dick. A classic wet femdom cock sucking that you can hear from a mile away. Just that sound is intense enough that he wanted to run. But guess what, there is no running while she is sitting on his face. After some time, he finally understood that it is over and that there is no turning back. Wen a Mistress noticed that he basically stopped moving and that her husband is mentally killed with this, she wants to go even further. They changed position so a slave is most very close to the center of the action. His eyes are directly below other guy’s dick penetrating his sexy wife. I guess that is a price to pay when you have a young and horny wife and you can’t please her anymore. 

Cuckold facesitting photos:

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Anyway, cuckold facesitting fetish is a very specific form of female domination. I would like to share one more great photo gallery with this fetish. It is similar, but not completely. Check out it here at facesitting dungeon humiliation and you will see a Dominatrix smothering her slave inside her dungeon. What is interesting is that another guy who is kissing her while she is smothering her hubby is a sissy slave. 

Cuckold Facesitting
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