Dick Torture Pics

Dick torture pics collection you are about to see and experience is covering some of the most intense cock and ball torture methods. Penis torture photos are not sorted by the intensity of pain or something like that. Simply, they are there to show how cruel female domination is and how a real cock and ball torture looks like. I’ve decided to publish this extreme cock gallery because CBT is one of the top categories here on Femdom Destiny.

Some of the Goddesses featured in brutal femdom photos were already featured here on site, multiple times. For example Goddess Briana from Clubdom, Mistress Valora (she always likes to test slave’s endurance in pair with other Domme), Mistress Sidonia Von Bork (check out her brutal CBT photos gallery here), Miss Deelight or  Goddess R’eal.

Dick Torture Pics

Cock trampling

Mistress Yasmin breaks in her new slave the old fashion way. She squeezes, pulls, stomps, kicks and destroys his precious cock and balls until he is begging for mercy! This is what I call a genuine trampling cock torture approach!

Cock needling Mistresses

Nadia White and Goddess Valora are really tormenting their captive slave. He is bound down to a table and it’s MILKING DAY! The slave is going to be milked, but he is going to suffer for it by having his dick hole invaded by sounding rods. The women fuck his dick hole and laugh as he tries hard to cum but simply cannot, yet stays on the edge under their control. Finally, he is able to release but it is so unbearable for him!

Lady Mephista CBT

Black and white photo and an artistic approach to cock and balls torture. German Dominatrix lady Mephista ruining tied slave

Balls punching

One of the top rated ballbusting Dommes, Mistress Cheyenne makes her debut by showing off her wrestling moves and adds some painful balls punching to the mix

Goddess Brianna femdom handjob

Experienced Dominatrix with big boobs milking slave and controlling his orgasm while stretching dick

Brutal medical femdom exam

Mistress Courtney in high heels and PVC, straps down her patient for an inspection. Mistress abuses her slaves’ dick using a variety of tools including her hands and a pinwheel to test her slaves’ reactions. This patient is completely at the mercy of his Mistress

Cock castration

Mature dominatrix and a cock ball torture sadist, armed with a sharp sword threatening to castrate slave’s pathetic cock if he doesn’t obey her

Mature Mistress Ballbusting

After forcing him to shave his pathetic genitals, it is time for some cock squeezing and ball busting

Dick Torture Pics

Hanged upside down, male slave suffering while his dick is probed and electrocuted

Painful hot wax BDSM gallery

Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal pouring hot wax all over slave’s dick

Dick Torture Pics
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