Dirty Feet Licking

Dirty feet licking is the task that a submissive husband has to do as soon as his young wife came back home. Their marriage is fresh and there are certain rules that a dominant wife is establishing right now. She knows that it is very important to show her man where is his place. That includes a whole set of obligations that he will have to do from now on. You are looking at one of those new rules that young wife is demanding from a slave husband.

Today is the perfect day to practice dirty feet licking. She wasn’t planning it but the rain comes handy. While she was coming home, a rain made her shoes and feet dirty. Mixed with the dust, this pair of feet definitely need some fast cleaning. Is there anything better than to get them clean and get a foot massage at the same time? As soon as she got home, a Mistress screamed to her husband:

Where are you bitch? I’ve told you always to wait for me at the doors when I am coming home, didn’t I?

Luckily, the slave husband remembered the second rule and that is to be on he knees when his wife is coming home. He crawled somehow in front of her. His wife told him that she wants her shoes cleaned before he gets a privilege to lick her stinky, sweaty and dirty feet. it will take the time to do it but that is a mandatory first stage if he wants to get to the dirty feet licking. Below, you can see some of the photos from this humiliating foot domination session. Once he is done with cleaning dirt from her feet, A mistress will decide was it ok and will he have to repeat everything. 

Dirty feet licking

dirty shoes licking lick my feet, bitch!

 forced feet licking dirty feet licking


Dirty Feet Licking
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