Domina Katherine

Domina Katherine is the latest addon in the Mistress profiles section. This Divine Goddess is coming from the USA and she has two websites. Keep reading and you will see why is that. I’ve asked her to give us some more info about herself and what she is doing so here it is what she has to say:

I am a Portland, Oregon based Dominatrix and Mistress with many years of experience.  I’ve been deeply involved in BDSM practices since I was an adolescent, and spent my twenties further exploring and mastering them.  As a sadist, I get off on tormenting and teasing; abusing and violating; beating, bruising and humiliating. As a lover of humans, I enjoy to nurturing and facilitating a person is simply being themselves. Celebrating that part of a person that is always there, but seldom gets to come out.  As a hypnotist, I love to incorporate various states of mind into our time together. I enjoy everything to do with psychology, altered states of mind and taboo. I believe that mindful, safe and consensual BDSM is very healthy and meaningful and that it enhances our quality of life.

As mentioned at the beginning, there is one more great website operated by Domina Katherine. I am talking about Hypnotic Domme that you can visit here. I love websites having names immediately telling what are they about and this is the case with this one. A short advice: be ready to be controlled and brainfucked by one of the most experienced Goddesses in the field of femdom hypnosis. As soon as you visit this site, you will figure out how much work and effort is put there so be respectful and don’t forget to follow Mistress Katherine on her personal Facebook page available here.

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Portland, Oregon, USA
Impact play, hypnosis, foot fetish, feminization and couples training.
Domina Katherine
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