Domme Worship

Domme Worship lesson you are about to see contains all important elements every serious top rated femdom porn experience should have. Still, the whole fetish sucking session is done at the comfort of home instead of a BDSM dungeon people are expecting when talking about female domination and Goddess worship.

At the core of this female supremacy lesson is a deception. Curvy hot blonde slut promised a romantic striptease evening to the naive guy. And we all know men, when they are horny, you can sell them anything.

Something a dominant girl know how to use. After a dirty talk and some whispering on his ear, seduced by the beauty of a young girl that promised to show him her tattooed butt, it didn’t take long to bring this guy home. A problem for him is that he is not aware that he is about to be used and abused for a selfish sexual pleasure of hot looking Mistress. Stupid as he is, he had something completely different on his mind. But this is why today’s update is categorized as a domme worship lesson. He is about to learn how to worship and please a dominant woman. But not only that, he will also find out that things are often totally different than they might seem at first. 

I mean, a planned night with a sexy girl will now turn out to be one of those evenings where a femdom Dominatrix degrade her slaves. Not that he doesn’t know about fem dom (he heard about female domination in some old girls chat) but tonight, it was the last thing on his mind. 

Domme worship tutoring

Femdom goddess dragging slave by his hair

The first thing Goddess did was to pull slave by his hair. While slowly dragging him into the desired position, she explained that what is about to happen is restricted to adults so she is expecting from him to behave like the one. 

Every master – submissive relationship has its own rules and it is no different with femdom. Terms of service, I like to call them like that, are simple. The purpose of Mistress slave relationship is her own pleasure. It doesn’t matter what she will ask from a guy, sub always has to behave in a same, predictive manner. Once this guy finally agreed on that and promised that he understands, handsome Domme will go to the next step.

male sub licking soles

As soon she placed herself in the most comfortable position, Domina ordered a slave to lick soles of her sexy high heel shoes. She is asking him: “Do you know how much do they cost, idiot?” Sucha fine piece of female outfit deserves to be clean, always. “Go on, what are you waiting for? Clean them!” 

Dominatrix showing slave to lick her feet in nylons

Only when she is absolutely sure that stiletto shoes are cleaned well, then he can get a new task. And I am talking about foot worship. While on his knees, foot slave is subjected to foot fetish domination. Clearly, Mistress’s black nylon stocking looks equally expensive as her shoes so the logical conclusion is to lick them too.

While the pathetic guy is trying to handle feet worship properly, she is showing him where to concentrate his efforts. Basically, she is learning him to massage her feet with tongue. A useful skill he will need in future. 

While being in a position of a personal slave, he was secretly hoping that the next phase of a Dominatrix worship will be some top trending face sitting. While Domina is enjoying having him to serve, he somehow managed to look at her butt. With an exclusive high-quality tattoo on her right buttock, it is simply irresistible.  But without enough experience in femdom booty worship, he failed to see that Mistress is teasing him on purpose. What he doesn’t know (at least not yet) is that there will be no ass worship today.

Maybe if he is not so obvious but now when a Goddess knows what he is craving for, she simply won’t let him get any pleasure in all this.

domme worship

And now the finales. Motivated by a classic urge for a female orgasm, kinky girls pulled down his head directly to her already wet vagina. The most important part of this exercise is about to begin. Pussy worship is always top trending stuff, no matter are you a mature domme or a young girl just learning advantages of female domination

And to make everything how it should be, Domina says:

“I want to see you beg for your cum. If you are miserable enough, I will let you ejaculate in front of me. But not before I am satisfied with how you move your tongue through my vagina. So go on, keep doing it, bitch!”

Domme Worship
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